A Letter to Affiliates

Dear Affiliates,

Once again, let us share our appreciation for you. You are the backbone of our marketing effort and we want to do everything we can to help you succeed. Please visit the site often and check out the marketing center. We are constantly adding to and improving our eMCee packages to help you in many ways.

This letter is about a strategy of education we want you to know about. We hope you use our education and trust you will do so even more as you see the structure and methodology of our educational style. In this current arena we see two ways to get people through the learning curve. One is book learning. The other is experiential learning, getting people as close to the trades as possible.

We see that experience is the best teacher. We often use our "Tell, Show, Do" format and find it one of the best ways to convey knowledge. In short, you can read all the books on snow skiing you want. You can watch videos, and even talk to experienced skiers. And while these are important and effective to an extent, at some point in time you need to strap on the skies, hit the bunny hill, then the beginner's slope, and on up. There is no substitution to experience.

We surely don't want you to think book learning is unimportant. We have many books that will help people get up and get going and then stay on track. They are the best on the market. Our books are essential, effective and efficient. We'll tell you along the way different books that may help you. However, we are a "Do the Deals" Service. We believe the stock market will teach you all you need to know. Sadly. Some of the standard ways of learning are very costly. We want to share our experience and real-world trades to zoom you through the educational process.

So, in our way of thinking, we will use real trades to help this process. You may find that you need information on Buy-Backs. Well, in that section you'll also find excerpts from the TRAIL, or examples from other deals. Again, we want you as close to the real trades as possible. While there, we'll show, explain, reason with you, and even point out pitfalls to avoid, ways to correct bad decisions, and a host of other street-tested, time-honored methods.

We will make Writing Covered Calls come alive and help to provide you with just what you need—MORE INCOME.

We again thank you for being part of our business. It's exciting. We suggest that as a subscriber you share this knowledge with you friends. Everyone needs more income. And everyone needs more fun in their life. Think about becoming an Affiliate. It may be the best business decision you'll ever make. We aim to make it so. You don't have to sell anything. We're into invitational marketing. You'll receive a host of support items.

Come bearing gifts. Tell people how they can use the Special Reports. Have them link through you and also invite them to read about "TURBO MONEY: Two Years to Retirement.”

Abundantly Yours,
The WIN Staff and Team Wall Street


P.S. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the site and make it more responsive to our subscriber's needs. We think you should know as an Affiliate of WIN and our TDTs, subscribers receive a plethora of material above and beyond the actual TDTs. The subscriber site is full of great information.

If you are not a subscriber, please do so now. You need to be in the loop, receiving these updates, extra services and commentary. It's education at its useful best. It’s difficult to sell Mercedes and drive a Ford.


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