40% Commissions...
And a 10% override — it all means more income to YOU!
Affiliate Program Features:
High paying commissions; with no complicated payment structure to wrap your head around
NO charge to become an Affiliate
There is nothing in the world like our product. Be the "Firstest with the Mostest"

Affiliate Program Features:

Competitive Commissions
When you attract someone through your marketing efforts and they purchase a product or become a member, we pay out 40% of the sale.
Additionally, if any one of your customers becomes an Affiliate and creates sales, you will get a 10% override bonus commission on their sales.

Free to Join
There is NO charge to become an Affiliate! There are NO ongoing fees! There is NO start-up kit to buy! NADA! And there are NO requirements to only market our service.

No Requirements
There are NO quotas, NO minimums, NO maximums. How refreshing, right? In fact, when you introduce someone to the program, you will get paid your commissions (as an independent contractor) as long as they subscribe!

Zero Competition
You’ll see that we have no competition.
We think we have a completely unique product. In fact, it has no equal. There is no one in second place.
Wade Cook is a cash flow genius, and his team supports these endeavors. His insights are truly brilliant.

Who is WIN?
Tap into the knowledge, wisdom and experiences of TEAM WALL STREET—led by four time New York Times Bestselling Author, Wade Cook. We're in the retirement business; YOUR retirement!

What's the Product?
We help people make money! Books, webinars, special reports, TRAIL, VIM, and our flagship service - Thousand Dollar Thursday. All packed full of powerful strategies and real deals!

Training, product, back-office, tech, marketing... you name it, we are here to make sure you've got what you need.

affiliatesWe teach people how to grow out of their problems. It is a wise person who realizes the need for an extra independent source of income. Our product, quite simply, is real trades and training on powerful strategies that produce income NOW. Fittingly, our affiliate program does the same.

Many other network marketing and affiliate programs try to make the point that their product is needed by the masses. Vitamins, makeup, legal services, travel, skincare, juices, diet programs… The truth is that some of those products are needed some of the time, but more often than not, people sign up for the product or service, use it for a month or two, then realize they don’t need the product as badly as they had believed.

"Healthy juice may make me healthier, but it tastes bad and I prefer water anyways."

"Discounts on travel sure sound good, but when do I have the time to go on vacation?"

"I needed my Will redone, but what other legal service do I need?"

When your customers lose enthusiasm in the product they’ve purchased from you, and no longer want what you sell, not only have you lost a client, but you lose enthusiasm.

Bigger picture? These other network marketing companies don't have a good long term product. Instead, being an affiliate is the sold lifestyle and benefit, not the actual product being marketed.

What if it was the other way around? The product truly was needed by the masses. Young and old, rich and poor, tall and short. Our product is increased income.

Who doesn’t want more income?!

Yes, our affiliate program helps make you money too, but our product really IS the Untitled-1selling point. Does anyone, after a few months of making more money, realize that they don’t want to continue making more money? Is there a loss of enthusiasm by affiliates when they see the product they’re marketing is actually helping people?

Piqued your interest yet?


“If you’ll do for two years what most people won’t do, you’ll be able to do for the rest of your life what most people can’t do.
~ Wade B. Cook

Competitive Commissions

There are three basic types of commissions the affiliate may receive. These commissions will be paid monthly.

Residual Products: The affiliate will receive 40% of all reoccurring monthly sales like the $97 TDT Service mentioned earlier. That would be $38.80 in this example. This will be received by the Affiliate every month that the subscription is active and collected. Remember, we have many sales tools, including FREE Special Reports and Back-Office Support to help you do the selling.

One Time Products: The commission on the e-book sales will be 40%. If other seminars are sold, there will be stated the commissionable amount. For example: We may co-sponsor an event—like a convention, a seminar, or a workshop. The tuition is $2,000, but is discounted to $1,000 for TDT Subscribers. Of this, the sponsor receives $400 per sale, leaving $600 to WIN. The Affiliate’s 40% is based on this last figure, the $600. We call this “The Commissionable Amount.”

Affiliate Override: If any of your customers turn into Affiliates, you will receive a 10% override commission. This 10% will be paid on book sales, seminar sales (The Commissionable Amount) and TDT sales.
FREE to Join

If you were looking for extra income cash flow on a monthly basis what would you look for?

Would you want it to be expensive to become a marketer of this product?

There is NO charge to become an Affiliate! There are NO ongoing fees! There is NO start-up kit to buy! NADA! And there are NO requirements to only market our service. You’ll see that we have no competition, zero.
No Requirements

We are not a multilevel company. Put simply... You get paid for that sales you generate.

There are not a bunch of hoops to jump through, and ongoing commitments to produce sales.

There are NO quotas, NO minimums, NO maximums. How refreshing, right? In fact, when you introduce someone to the program, you will get paid your commissions (as an independent contractor) as long as they subscribe!
Nothing Else Like It

A most unique and far-reaching service

We have a very powerful, unique and useful service in our TDT, or Thousand Dollar Thursday. No one, and we mean no one, has anything like it. Have you ever heard the expression, “Tap Root?”

In the Financial World, Wade Cook is a tap-root educator. He is original, intuitive and highly creative. He is in fact a “category creator.” Don’t go down the road with Wade and expect old, boring, and stale strategies and ideas. His market wisdom, based on the experience of tens of thousands of trades, is unparalleled. You can tap into this “productive knowledge” and put it to work for you.
Wealth Information Network, Inc. (WIN)

Just who is WIN?

WIN is fully devoted to helping people make more money and retire better. We are a pure educational site, and get nothing out of the profits you’ll soon be making. You learn, you earn.

We believe most people need more income, coming in from assets other than themselves. We call it "Assets Producing Income."

Our lead educator is Wade B. Cook, four times Business Bestselling New York Times author, of Wall Street Money Machine, Safety First Investing and Business Buy the Bible. Mr. Cook is a cash-flow enthusiast. He believes cash-flow, especially income from a separate, independent source is where most people should spend their time.

Says he: "No one has ever come up to me and said, 'Can you show us how to make less money?' Everyone wants more income. For most people they are the only income-producing asset they have, and if their asset doesn't go to work, there's no income. It's truly a wise person who realizes a need for an extra source of income."

Our strategies are based on the experiences and wisdom as outlined in Mr. Cook's Bestselling Books.

What is the Product and Service WIN Provides?

What is this Amazing Product you speak of?

Our flagship service is TDT, or Thousand Dollar Thursday. It's a subscription based site that sends/gives members a trade (Writing Covered Calls) where you'll potentially make about $1,000* every week.

Besides our awesome TDTs, we teach methods to get steady income through Rolling Stocks, Options, IPOs, Penny Stocks. In short, we share ways to get your assets producing retirement quality income so you can quit your job and live a better lifestyle.

We also have a variety of books in our bookstore ranging from Stock Market, to Real Estate, and Inspirational. These Book are exclusive to the WIN Bookstore.

“The single minded ones, the monomaniacs, are the only true achievers.
The rest, the ones like me, may have more fun; but they fritter themselves away. . .
Whenever anything is being accomplished, it is being done, I have learned, by a monomaniac with a mission.
The rest of us—with multiple interests instead of a single mission,
are certain to fail and to have no impact at all.”
~ Peter F. Drucker
Adventures of a Bystander
. . . And the people. Our company thrives on helping people live better and be better. This seems to be the very heart and soul of our company. The company only does important things. It develops good and useful products, and supports a friendship/referral marketing system, which allows the company to avoid traditional advertising expenses and concentrate on the people it is trying to serve.

“Concern for man and his fate must always form the chief interest of all technical endeavors. . . in order that the creations of our mind shall be a blessing and not a curse for mankind. Never forget this in the midst of your diagrams and equations.”
~ Albert Einstein
Our company has done all the heavy lifting for you. It has taken care of all the traditional expenses of running a business. All this redounds to you, the Affiliates and Associates, who can start up your own business for under a few hundred dollars (including subscription) and be 100% in control of your own financial future.
3. EASY TO USE. . .
The key to wealth is repetition and duplication. Luckily, the key to your future with our company is repetition and duplication. The product is easy to share, easy to order, and be of benefit to you at all times, even as you travel. It’s easy to assimilate into your lifestyle.
Many people who use the product for an extended time become personal testimonials to themselves as well as others. Be sure you have your own personal story or testimonial about the product.
The company believes in the effective dissemination of useful knowledge. In fact, they want product knowledge to motivate people. It’s contagious. It truly is synergy at is best. You are not alone.
One great time-honored marketing idea is to be there first, capture a marketplace, legally protect the product, support the direct sales force and succeed as your associates succeed. This is especially important for new people and people who are serious about building a quality business for the long term.
. . .the power of exponential returns. A quality business organization with a large growing income stream is worth the effort. Yes, there is a price to pay, but the future will be so much better with a large second paycheck. People work hard and then “become an overnight success.” Stick with it.
No idle promises. No false claims. The emphasis on introducing new people is two-fold: (1) Get people excited with knowledge. Make reports available. Open them up to discovery and let people have their own “Ah Ha” moment. People get excited for their own reasons—after studying the product there are reasons enough for many people to get excited. (2) Try it. Let them prove to themselves they like it. People can quit whenever they want. People can discover for themselves the benefits of our product.
The number one most frequently asked question is this, “Does it work?” First of all, the company does not guarantee success. However, there are ample research studies and observations made and a huge quantity of successful customer usage. The company is ready and willing to share this knowledge with customers.
The company prospers as their sales associates build their individual organizations. The compensation plan is quite easy to understand, and once understood two features become apparent: 1) It’s all about growing the business. Each associate is responsible for their own success. They can build quick start-up income, plus steady (residual) income. They can also build an additional income by increasing their individual organization. 2) The company is passionately dedicated to helping individual Affiliates and their organizations succeed.
The company has a research and development team. They want their product to be efficacious and stand the test of time. Our company is a leader in their industry with special care given to customer support.
Our Affiliates are concerned, loyal and passionate people. Most know what it takes to succeed. Most are people people, but there is room in every region and city for a host of people with different talents and desires. Quality people stay focused.

Become a WIN AFFILIATE Today

What are you waiting for?!
The world awaits your marketing excellence, and your pocketbook awaits the increased cashflow!
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