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About the Affiliate Program
Wealth Information Network (WIN) is one of the highest paying Affiliates Programs.

Highest Paying...

Because WIN pays you 40% commission for every product/membership you sell.

The second factor that makes WIN's affiliate program unique is they have secured the services and products of Wade Cook, a top educator in the Stock Market.
How Much Will You Make?

Perhaps the more accurate question is - How much do you want to make? Let's look at the basics of the products for sale, then we'll explore how they pay.

First, our flagship product - Thousand Dollar Thursday. This service is currently being sold in two formats -

  • 1) TDT Membership. Our base membership is only $197 a month, currently on sale for $97, but chock-full of pertinent information and real, timely trades.

Selling Point - We have published over 220 consecutive weeks of TDT's! We've literally provided millions of dollars in deals. How many people do you know that could use that kind of info?

  • 2) WIN Combo Membership. This is a $497 a month package, SPECIAL: currently on sale for $97! Because this is a reoccurring package, you get 40% of it every month! If you had 10 active members, you'd be making $388 a month. This package includes access to TDT, TRAIL, VIM, and Paid to Trade!

Second - Books! At WIN we have the great privilege of partnering with Four Times - New York Times Business Best Selling Author, Wade Cook, as our featured writer. Talk about a selling point! His books have helped hundreds of thousands of people. Many of these books have been revised and updated. We’ve also included NEW books recently written by Wade. Books vary in price and are One Time Products. Of note -  Our featured product in this category is the Stock Market Investor's Package with 5 of our most influential books, Regularly $99, it's currently on sale for $55.

Thirdly - Live Seminars. This is a TBD product. We've had members repeatedly request Wade  do more live seminars, and I think we just about have him convinced. Here's what we can say - The idea has been floated that if an affiliate, such as yourself, signed up enough members (let's set that number at 100), and you all wanted a live seminar... well, we might just make that happen.

* If seminars are sold, there will be stated the commissionable amount. For example: We may co-sponsor an event—like a convention, a seminar, or a workshop. The tuition is $2,000, but is discounted to $1,000 for TDT Subscribers. Of this, the sponsor receives $400 per sale, leaving $600 to WIN. The Affiliate’s 40% is based on this last figure, the $600. We call this “The Commissionable Amount.”

Who Pays You?
Wealth Information Network, Inc. pays you. You can choose to be paid via PayPal or check. Keep in mind checks take 5-10 days to process.
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