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How to Get Started:
Below are instructions and screen shots to help you step by step.
If you haven't already signed up as a WIN Affiliate, SIGN UP HERE!

It takes only a moment, and it is free.
Once you have signed up as a WIN Affiliate you can LOG IN HERE!

Once you have logged in you will see this page:
Watch the video if you haven't already. It'll give you a quick overview of your back office.

First thing you'll want to do is fill out a W9 and send it back to WIN. This way you are sure to get paid your commissions.
Click on the right side of the screen where the arrow is pointing and this area will drop down.
Once it drops down you will see more instructions. Follow the instructions to insure the WIN Support Team receives your W9.
Once you have your W9 sent in, click on "Affiliate Programs"
You will now see the various programs WIN has available for you. There are currently 7. This may change depending on the offers WIN has available at any given time.

1. This is the Program Name

2. Here you will see the start of the Program's Description. This will help you see where this Program will direct your customer, and what you are giving away or selling.

3. Click on the "Details" button to see more, and to copy your affiliate link for this program.
Once you click on the Details button you will see this page.

1. This is the longer Program Description.

2. Underneath the Program Description you will see the URL where this program leads the customer. You can click on this link to view it.
Keep scrolling and you will see:

1. This "Hot Tip" is useful for tracking your clicks. If you want to use this Program in multiple places on your site, in different emails, or forms of advertising you can simply add a "/yourdiscription" to the end of your link. An example would me "/homepage" "/salespage". We will show you in our TNT Affiliate Training Webinars how to track these.

2. This is your affiliate link! You can copy and paste it on your website, in emails, etc. We recommend saving it somewhere where it is easy for you to access.

3. You have the option to shorten your link. (Keep in mind the "Hot Tip" in #1 will no longer work on the SHORTENED link). This shortened link is useful for places like Twitter that only allow 140 characters in your post. First step to shorten your link is to click the "Copy" button. Then look at #4.

4. Click here to get your shortened link.
Once you click the "Click here" button a smaller window will appear. Highlight the Shorten/Disguise Affiliate Link. Save this somewhere that is easy for you to access.
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