Auto-Responder Letters

The following is an unusual approach to using Auto-Responder letters. This package is not about Auto-Responders, but about the written copy.
We encourage you to look for ideas within this written copy that mesh well with your own ideas, and then use this copy in this format,
or any format you choose.

Here is our new approach for this grouping of letters. We figured many people who are attracted to us (and now to you) are in business, or wanting to be so. So, we took a grouping of business ideas and use them to market the TDT service. One, which is not part of the actual letters, is about Writing Covered Calls. The rest are about business and marketing.

At the end, we move people over to a new funnel, they will get

This new Special Report (now in auto-responder format) is very informative and exciting. They can opt-out anytime they choose. The belief is this: if the content is good people will read it. Yes, oftentimes, shorter is better, but our attempt here is to really make a difference in their lives.

Note, there are only 9 lessons here, though I mentioned 10. Before I go on I wanted you to see this. It’s long, as these are separate emails, but read carefully and see if you like it. You may choose to use these letters differently.
For example, our collection of business books has grown quite extensively. Draw people to the Bookstore.

First Letter: #1

Hi Friend,

At least we hope we’ll be friends after you receive what we’ll be sending you. We had a marketing brainstorm session and asked the question, “What would people like to receive?” This is especially important when we think of the high-quality people who respond to our offers to get a FREE Report.
The answer came loud and clear. People want solid, pertinent and exciting information. They want real-world strategies that really work.
This led us to put together a series of mini-lessons that will truly help your business, whether you’re a home-based business or a gigantic corporation. You will read and experience cutting-edge techniques, not lofty, ethereal ways to proceed.
We believe these mini-lessons have to contain workable, powerful and dynamic methods to gather a following, move people through a process, and in short—increase your top-line as well as your bottom line.
We wish you well on your own private journey of success.

The Staff

Letter #2

Thank you for taking time to read this. We know your time is valuable, so we aim to give you quality, hard-hitting information with its genesis in the real world. This first lesson shares a very powerful way to help your customers see the uses and advantages to your product or service by discussing the BENEFITS.

But first,


A manager is defined as someone who knows how to do things the right way. A leader is someone who does the right things. Both are needed. Neither is more important than the other, but we suggest that true success comes when you do the right things.

We need to be leaders and do the right things.

Why do we bring this up here? Because the business of your future is very important. Read this quote by Diane Ravitch:
"The person who knows HOW will always have a job; the person who knows WHY will always be the boss."
Now ask yourself: Am I a "how-to person" or a "why-to person?" And then: "If I don't take care of my financial future, then who will?"


One thing is for certain: we all want value, and we all want results. So, how do you share an idea and a product which has tremendous value and wonderful results? How about using a marketing method that helps people cut through the clutter? It’s called Features vs. Benefits. Let’s define the two.

FEATURES: A feature is defined as a characteristics or essential part of a product or service that stays with the product or service whether you buy and use it or not.

BENEFITS: Conversely, benefits can only be derived by buying and using the product or service. People buy benefits. You should sell benefits.

As you think about your product or service, grab a piece of paper and make of list of your product's benefits. To help, be specific. List all you can think of. To help in this process, ask the following:

1. Who needs my product and why?
2. What other uses will they use it for?
3. Why can’t they live without it?

Now, keep this list handy. Try it on your employees, friends and family. Next, ask them what would they do if they needed this product? Where would they go? If on the internet, where would they look, and what would they ask?
We’re looking for buyer type questions or words, not seller words. Therefore, don’t give any hints or ideas. You want raw data, original feelings and unique ways people look at you or your product.
Thinking of benefits should be a way of life. Carry that pad everywhere you go. Think of all the people, places and things that need what you’re offering.


Letter #3


"The purpose of being in business is to get and keep customers." Many companies are good at attracting customers, and others excel at servicing and keeping customers. One is not better than the other, both are essential.
The above quote was an answer to the question: "What is the purpose of being in business?" Most people would say, "Making money." Well yes, making money is important, but think of the depth of understanding this answer gives. I remember the days when was just selling books. Back then of every 14 new customers, only one came back a second time. They set out to fix this gigantic problem and get people to use them more. While they were attracting new customers they found ways to get existing customers to be better customers.
Here's the lesson: Your next best customer is an existing customer. You second next best customer is a friend or associate of an existing customer. Your third next best customer is someone new. So, how do you take an existing customer and make him or her a better customer? Service is first. A quality product. Education. Having a process (Mini-Lesson coming up soon), effective communication. Nurturing them, showing them what's available. And most importantly, a touch of excitement.
When you initially thought about your first customer contact, even when they were just a potential customer, did you think with the end in mind—not just about a sale, but how to gather a following. One of the ways we've chosen to market our service TDT, or Thousand Dollar Thursday and our PAID TO TRADE Mega-Course is by giving away a Million Books: TURBO MONEY.
We encourage you to read it. You will be introduced to some really cool ways to turn the stock market into a cash flow business, without all of the hassles of a regular business. We want you to be a happy, content, and continuous customer. Yes, we want you to purchase the TDT Service, but right now it's more important that you get to know us and the powerful results you can get with our street-tested knowledge.

We want the result of this process to be our never-ending relationship.

Abundantly Yours, the Staff

Letter #4

MARKETING MINI-LESSON #3: It’s Not about You

It is wonderful that so many businesses and business people are happy about themselves and their product. Many will tell you about it ad nauseam. They’ll talk all day long.
I want to share another way of thinking. You’ll soon read and experience my new book, TURBO MONEY. Here is one of the most powerful lessons that I explored in the book—HOW TO TAKE $1,200 AND RETIRE IN THREE YEARS OR TAKE $5,000 AND FULLY RETIRE IN TWO YEARS, and I mean with $7,200 to $9,400 a month coming in—and in a hassle-free way.
I know of no more powerful strategy and business lesson than this one. It’s about the value and results the customer wants or expects to receive. They want the benefits, and in fact will trade their hard earned money for great results. We call this a NEGATIVE COST BENEFIT. Big words, but the concept behind them is dynamic. I’ve tried to use these words in a marketing piece and it fell flat. The concept seems hard but it is really simple.
I’ll teach this strategy by way of an example. A man showed up with an awesome software program. He was so fluent in how it worked. He knew the ins-and-outs and he was passionate. He went on and on. I’m a busy business owner and investor. I have no time for this. “What’s the bottom line?” I asked. “What?” He didn’t get it. What does it cost and how will it help my sales reps make more sales.
Now he got it. “Each sales station will cost $500 and it will help the sales people create an additional $8,000 to $12,000 in sales per pay period.” Now he had my undivided attention. We took it on a trial basis, and within a few weeks, the software did even better than expected. The sales people were ecstatic. The sales soared.
So, what is the cost? Yes, you guessed it. The cost is negative. The $500 one-time expense generated about $1,500 in net, take it to the bottom line, profits. The benefit far outweighed the cost. In fact, we had said no to this program a few times over the previous year. Thank heavens he was persistent.
Help your customers and clients see how your product or service will help more than it costs. It’s called negative-cost benefit. More in a few lessons. TURBO MONEY is full of cutting edge cash-flow strategies, and you will benefit immensely.

Letter #5


“Excessive profits breed ruinous competition.”

Years ago I learned a powerful lesson out of a book called POSITIONING: "Be there the firstest with the mostest." It made sense, but I couldn't be the firstest with the mostest with my real estate seminars. Then the author solved my problem, at least conceptually. He said that if you couldn't be there the firstest with the mostest, then reposition everyone else. I could do that.
My strategies were not the old worn-out, stale strategies of yesteryear, but new, fresh and exciting ways to generate excess cash-flow. That is the position that I used for 12 years in the real estate education field. How are you positioned in the marketplace? Here's another question to use as you figure this out: "What do you want to get famous for?"
That's a great question, and upon your musings and your answers hangs your future—not just financially but fulfilling in all ways possible. Most people and many companies never figure this out. If you've never thought of this before, start where you are right now. Ask you employees and better yet, ask your customers: "When you think of us, what do you think of?" Listen and learn.
Is it your product? Is it your customer service or your shipping policy? Could it be management? The answers may be humbling, but whatever it is—es como es (it is what it is). Learn from it and grow from there. What is it that you want to be known for?
In all of my books, and in all of my seminars, I was known as "Wade 'Cash-Flow' Cook." I was introduced that way. I told people that was the epitaph I wanted on my tombstone. It caught on. I told people I was in the retirement business. I was out to help people get cash-flow wealthy. What do people need to get retired? Not more assets, not more tax write-offs, but more income. So every effort, every idea, every investment had to add to their monthly income.
For example, PAID TO TRADE, the new 10 Lesson mega-course, is all about generating monthly income. You don't need extra work. You don't need to be busier. You need more income. You need money-freedom and you need time-freedom.
It's how I positioned myself and now all of my books, my ideas, my strategies have to work for you. It's what I want to get and stay famous for. I also want you to know that we are pure educators, meaning we get nothing out of what you do. The benefit to you is that we can teach and show you things in an unbiased way. You learn, you earn. And you keep it all.

Letter #6


I really love quality questions—questions that get you to sit up and take notice—and in marketing, questions that get your attention. Let me pose a great question.
What would your life be like if money were not an issue? No, really, I agree money is an important issue but let's think a little more deeply. Money, the making and keeping of it, consumes us 8 to 12 hours a day. We spend so much time going about getting money. It pays the bills, supports our families and helps us prepare for our retirement.
Okay, it's important, but the question is not about this, but the other side of the coin. How would your life be different if the getting and keeping of money was not so time-consuming and risky? Think about how you would spend your day. Think of the good you could do in your life if you didn't have to worry about money. I think we'll all agree, things would be different.
I've been blessed with an incredible career of investing and turning my investments (Real Estate, Stock Market and Business) into Money Machines. We invest for Cash Flow, Tax Write-Offs or Growth. These are what I call the "Benefits of Ownership." Many people have investments and business interests that cause them to work even more. In TURBO MONEY, you’ll love the chapter called: The Mystical and Magical Truth About Money. Most investments do not produce real spendable cash. Can you imagine people working overtime to support their investments? I set out to change all of this.
I've always put the emphasis on cash flow. I've found a few simple, yet powerful ways to treat the stock market like a business, from your back bedroom, a few minutes a day or week, and have the investments spin off income—real spendable income. There are nine stratagems for doing this, but three power strategies.
We live in a monthly billing and income society. When I developed PAID TO TRADE, I used my experiences in the real world, doing over 29,000 trades and investments, and I used these same methods in the $4,295 Wall Street Workshop (attended and used by about 80,000 people), and put together this comprehensive and info-packed course. You don't need another book, unless that book and reference library helps you generate money income that allows you all the financial freedom you want. Books are just paper and binding, it's the quality and usefulness of the contents that make the difference.
Stop the Presses. I could go on right here and explain the product, but in that the assumption is that you've looked at the product, and hopefully have read all or part of TURBO MONEY, I'll forgo that explanation and get to the marketing point of this MARKETING MINI-LESSON.
Marketers, to be effective have to get people's attention. They need potential customers to stop and think, sometimes just for a few minutes, or even seconds. I love quality in everything, including the way we attract people. This is where a good quality question comes in. Quality means that they take time to stop and think. Quality means that even if they don't have time right now, they will come back because it's important to them.
Ask the question that is important to them, and hopefully one where the answer is really essential to their well-being. What is a question you could ask to get people to stop, dead in their tracks, and think about the question, and then hopefully their answer will cause them to take the next step?
You have been part of the learning process here. We used this space and time to have you learn this lesson using our unique "experiential learning" format.
Did we get your attention? You're still here, aren't you? Are you ready to take the next step?

Letter #7: Not a Mini-Lesson

Hi there. This is a marketing letter I wrote a while ago, and I’m interjecting this between these Marketing Mini-Lessons. This is powerful stuff and I hope you read it, enjoy it, and use the information to build your income, enhance your wealth and get ready to retire within two years.
Yes, it’s that powerful.

Do you need extra income? Are you tired of the negative talk about the economy? Do you have bills to pay and debt to eliminate? But are you also tired of get rich quick schemes? We sure are are.

We propose that you take a new look at having your own home-based business. Oh, not one that requires selling, or overhead, but a simple, powerful way to get your money to be more dynamic. This means for your money to have more personality. There are three reasons for investing and being in business. They are cash flow, tax write-offs, and growth for the future.

Which do you need more of right now?

We suggest that your need for cash flow, or more monthly income is first. We have found a solid way for you to do that, without you having to work a second job, or longer hours. What you need is to get your money (assets) working for you.

And if your money is tight, it’s time to have a garage sale or two and spend that time getting your brain around a very simple cash-flow strategy. It’s called Writing Covered Calls. It’s a way to get the stock market to work for you.

Now, don’t be put off by this. We know that there are hundreds of people who want you to invest in risky options, and other dubious strategies. Dynamic Dollars will be a breath of fresh air. Writing Covered Calls is a strategy that you can even do it in your IRA. We’re not about get-rich quick, but about get rich steady. As in steady monthly income.

You will need about $800 to $1,200 to start. What would an extra $300 a month mean to you? What about $3,000 or even $9,000 a month? By the way, that is what our service is all about—to get your income up so you can live a better, more financially rewarding life.

We’re serious about this, and we’ll send you a report, ABSOLUTLEY FREE. It will show you in just a few minutes what the billion dollar traders do, that so many Americans have missed. In fact, it’s like the big guys, even the stock brokers say, “Hey Americans, you’re too stupid to understand these strategies,” and then along comes WIN and says, “Hey Americans, you can do this. You can do it right here in this market and you can do it from your back bedroom or kitchen table. We’ll learn what the big guys do, distil it down and share it with you.”

You don’t need millions. You don’t need any special college degrees. We will share with you these tried-and-true strategies—and do it in a fun and exciting way. We are pure educators. We sell books and have a service to help you get quickly through the learning curve.

In fact, it’s called TDT, or Thousand Dollar Thursday, and if you become a member you’ll receive powerful information every week, including several real deals. TDT stands for THOUSAND DOLLAR THURSDAY. You’ll soon see what we mean and be able to add WIN to your team. If you have the dream, we most definitely have the team of people who walk the walk, having 20 plus years of experience and thousands of trades under their belt.

Look around at the financial team you have. Who’s in your corner? You don’t have to be alone. It can be a bit confusing, but there is help. We are the only people who get nothing out of what you do. Again, pure educators.

You are just a few minutes away from being able to judge for yourself. Putting the stock market to work—after you forget old, boring strategies—will be an exciting way to face the future with more confidence, certainty and cash flow. You will be able to know of each trade, and the profits before hand. NO KIDDING.

The time is right. The time is now. The place is right here. To take advantage of this powerful knowledge.
“The BIGGEST fish you’ll ever catch is still swimming in the ocean.”

Letter #8


A process in marketing is a system you use to move people through the pipeline to an actual sale. Let's start at the beginning, assuming you have a great product for your business. First, if you're going to sell something, where will that be? If it's an ice cream cone, where will you sell it and be successful?

You probably won't be selling an ice cream cone on the internet, but with a good imagination, who knows? For this lesson let's stick with an online marketing approach, and a way of delivering the product. Here's the point: Where will they be when they buy your product? Where will they be when you ask them to "click here?" For one, most people will be sitting down when they buy something, even a new car.

But this discussion is more than that. Many new people in business have the product and even a website idea, but they do not have that one spot where people go to order. This is not as simple as it seems. Why? You have so many choices in social networking, again assuming you use social networks as a source of leads and sales. Think about Face Book, Twitter, Linkedin, Blogging, Google Searches, Forums, Articles, Emails, Etc.

Each one of these methods use a certain way for people to interface with you: Links, giving out an address, etc. Then what is your process? Do you want them to go to your main site, or visit a sales site or landing page? Do you want to have several sites, including static sites to get your name all around town? Are you using affiliates? The first thing and the continuous thing you need to do is gather a following and collect contact information. This is the lifeblood of your business now and in the future.

Next and last point for this short lesson: Do you want to sell something directly, or do you want to give something away for free, and generate interest? The next mini-lesson will explore this method, but for now do you realize that you are in our gathering process right now? You were encouraged to request something for free—in this case a FREE E-BOOK. It's funny because we chose to use an email-funnel (auto-responder) about marketing. Why? One reason is that we figure the same people interested in business, politics, investing, and all sorts of financial matters, are the same people who would be attracted to TDT, or Thousand Dollar Thursday, and the PAID TO TRADE mega Cash Flow the Stock Market Course.

This is our process. We have product, and we think it's the greatest product in the country. It is simply ways on using the Stock Market as a business. Next, we have tried to gathering a following, hence the Free Book. We also have a place for you to go and order the product, in a safe environment. One thing you don't know yet is that you and others can be an affiliate and make extra money selling these services and products.

It's going to get even better, stay tuned.

Letter #9


You've probably noticed by now that I've spent an inordinate amount of time on writing good copy. To be honest I just finished writing a new book called: ZING The subtitle will be 22 WAYS TO JAZZ UP AND PUT MORE PIZZAZZ INTO YOUR COPY WRITING. By the way, I think oftentimes the subtitle makes a book sale mucho mas.

One of the themes of my selling, marketing and closing style is to "Get People Excited with Knowledge." I truly think this is one of the greatest ways to make people a better customer. Yes, it all comes down to benefits that they can see, recognize and use to get better results. Having said that, how would you define great copy? What would make your marketing efforts ZING?

Everyone likes to discover new things. One time I was writing about adding revenue to your company's top line. I changed it to reve-news. I've made up words, like the Preface for my new book, BLOG POWER, I used the word ProBlogue, instead of Prologue or Preface. It's new and to some people exciting.

If you can adequately isolate a person or a company's problem, then you can develop and set in motion those things to educate your customers, and move them through the learning curve so they come to the conclusion to buy what you're offering. If in doubt, use the Problem/Solution format. List a problem they might be having and then show how your product solves the problem. It's a powerful method for winning over customers. Knowledge is power, even as you explain things.

NOTE: In MARKETING MINI-LESSON #8, you'll see several of the ideas above given, and then we'll change directions and start a whole new process. I sincerely hope by then that you've purchased the TDT, and the Attendant PAID TO TRADE Home Study Course. More importantly, I hope you use these wildly successful stratagems to start your own money machine.

Thanks for reading this.

The Staff

Letter #10


All sales are emotional. And I mean all sales. The purchase and the expectation of what a product or service will do is all based on an emotion. There are some key emotions that you should be aware of: a. Nurturing and Protecting; b. Greed and Fear (two primary emotions that move the markets); c. The fear of losing out. Combine the last two and you get the old "K-Mark Blue-Light Special (a reduced price for a limited time); d. Comfort and fun (excitement), including the all-powerful human emotion that drives people to do anything not to be bored; e. The desire to please others. Example, in religious bookstores about 85% of all purchases are gifts for others. "I'm humble, but my brother-in-law sure needs this book;" f. Spiritual or serving a hire need, including service to others; g. Love. I saved the best for last.

Put yourself out there buying a refrigerator, a new car, baby food or a dozen roses, what emotion are you experiencing? What emotion got you up at 2 AM and caused you to go to the grocery store for baby formula?

Now, to your business. What emotional reason do people have to buy and use your product? What are the results they want to achieve, and what emotion is driving them? Have you built emotional reasons into how you explain the benefits of your product or service?

People want results. It's a trust they have in you and your product. If it fails them, it's not just a boo-hoo, it's a break in the trust. The expected results take on a life of its own. It's what they're paying for. As stated before, people buy benefits. The results are the benefits.

This is why so many people (about 80,000) paid a little over $4,000 to come to my two-day Wall Street Workshop. Also, between 32% and 40% of every class were friends and associates of people who had previously attended. This is the best word-of-mouth percentages we've ever heard of. We had no idea how good it was. Well, actually we did because we were using the same strategies to make millions. We only taught what we did and we did what we taught.

That's why this PAID TO TRADE Home Study Course is so powerful. It's based on the same formulas and methods taught in the live WALL STREET WORKSHOP. And the powerful knowledge is now available as part of a great Start-Up, Get-Going Package.. The regular price is a mere $2,297—again, tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of street-tested knowledge. It’s on sale currently for $2,000 OFF, or $297. This is our $2,000 IRA Tuition discount. You can do our basic strategy in your IRA, so take this $2,000 and get going that way.

And if people use this unique income-generation knowledge contained in the product themselves or give it away as a gift, perpetual monthly cash flow is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Order your course right now and get going, before this special runs out.

Letter #11


Let me explain the last grouping of emails, including this one. This all started when one of our great affiliates of our marketing strategies enticed you to click on a link or visit a site and get a free Book. You may have gone there to buy the course: PAID TO TRADE, or get some of Wade Cook’s bestselling books. I hope you have purchased this course by now. If you have, isn't it beautiful? Isn't it powerful, with state-of-the-art strategies? This product and service has all of the how-to’s and why-to’s—and easy-to implement techniques you can put to work for you. It is industrial-strength knowledge for the real world profits at a pittance of the price, compared to the benefits. I think the knowledge therein will change your life for the better. Indeed, I know it will do this.

Okay, Okay, you say. "I’ll go buy it." Good, I'll wait.

Thanks for coming back here, because I have an announcement to make. Whether you really purchased the course or not, it's apparent that since you're still reading this that you like the previous MARKETING MINI-LESSONS. I know we've enjoyed bringing them to you.

Your interest seems to be in business. Maybe like me, in marketing. Marketing is my passion. So, here's what I've been doing for the last few years. I've been writing my story, writing books and manuals to help people build their businesses, with the emphasis on cash flow, just like in the stock market.

In fact, my kids said that the best thing I've ever done financially was to start with $3,000 and build a $500,000,000 in sales company over nine years. I had kept my secrets hidden up until then. I explain the funnel, the wave, the ins-and-out of generating huge sales starting with $3,000. I then poured my head and my heart into a new book: THE BUCKS START HERE.

Our best year was $118,000,000. If I lost everything, just give me another $3,000 and I'll do it again. There's no mystical, magical secret. It's just in-the-trenches common sense. I think it would be easier today, with the internet and less expensive ways of generating leads and educating people.

I truly feel that this book, now an E-Manual, THE BUCK STARTS HERE, is the single greatest business building book ever written. Wow, that's a bold statement. How can I make this statement? Well, I've read hundreds of books, magazines and newsletters. If there was a better book out there I'd tell you. There isn't a book that even comes close. I want to say that this book is number 1, but there really is no number 2. This book is truly a category creator.

BUSINESS EXCELLENCE. All of this and much more have been put into two dynamic courses. More later.

And because this last MARKETING MINI-LESSON is about the use of FREE, and we realize that this is a change, we've put together another Special Report for you. We hope this is an exciting turn of events, and we want you to feel comfortable. We're sure you've learned by now our belief in getting people excited with knowledge. Soooooo, we're offering a brand new Special Report: TEN INDISPUTABLE AND OFTEN GUT-WRENCHING RULES OF FINANCIAL SUCCESS.

In the next email, we'll tell you more about the Special Report and the Complete, BUSINESS EXCELLENCE Course. So, you are signed up. You will shortly receive this new Money Report.

So Click Away and by the time you've read this, the next e-mail in this new auto-responder funnel should be in your inbox. Oh, by the way, every business needs an auto-responder service, and a way to capture and manage names. And you’ll also learn this is a business opportunity in-and-of-itself. Maybe a new income source for you? Here’s a link. Check it out.


Forever at your service

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