Beginnings and Endings: Financial.

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Beginnings and Endings: Financial.

As a student (First) of the stock market, I spend ample time watching, listening, thinking and then with these senses in full battle-gear try to connect the dots. I always start with the perceived observation that, “this year is different.” That could be “this time.”

Over the years I’ve noticed (as have most others) that the market rallies at the end of the year. There are several reasons for this. Here are a few important reasons.

1. It is Christmas time. Everyone feels good. Shopping is up, many stores waiting until this final shopping season to finally announce a profit for the year.

2. Many big funds try to outguess the working class—the peasants on the lawn—and get their billions in the way of where they think the “small money” is going. This is a bit comical because the small investors—at least many of them—do the opposite. They try to figure out where to put their tiny-tiny-fraction-of-a-billion in advance to the new year.

3. The January Effect is real. January is almost always a good month.

4. Add to this the huge volume of information we receive almost daily about new products and services, and the excitement grows.

As in all markets, there is a bull market somewhere. There are good investments and bad. We are always looking for good ways to make money. Our Christmas gift to you, is that wrapped up and hidden a bit in that last sentence, is how we are also different. We put the emphasis in all we do and in all we teach on cash flow. It’s not just about good investments, but getting those good investments and the strategies around them, making money. We all It cash flow, or income. Those words seem simple, but so many others confuse people with their prognostications and sales-pitches. It’s simple to us: We need to get our assets producing income, so we can .  .  . what? Quit our jobs? Retire more richly? Spend more time with family and friends?

Yes, financially speaking we’re different and we know our subscribers appreciate it.

God Bless You All. We stand by waiting to help you.

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