A Few Important Questions:

"I am averaging $30,000/month on spreads and
call options."
—Edward A., HI

  • Do you have assets making you monthly income so you can quit your job?
  • What is the quality of your income? Meaning, what level of skills and experiences do you need, and how much time must you work to make your money?
  • If money were not an issue, meaning you have an outside source of income, what would your life be like?
  • Who is the boss of your financial future?
  • What does your “cash flow” time look like? What experiences, knowledge and wisdom do they have in the real market that will help qualify you to be wealthy?

"Average $18,000 per month with mostly Covered Calls for the past 7 months."
—Gary B., TN

We are in the trenches helping people with real deals, making real money.
  • Can the stock market be the solution to your cash flow needs? Not if you look at the stock market the old way.
  • You don’t need to be busier, but everyone needs more income—how about 30 minutes a week to replace your 40 hour a week grind.
  • Is 20% cash profits ($5,000 making $1,000 per month) possible?
  • Do you know how to get assets producing income? Enough income so you can quit your job?
  • Street-wise, time-honored knowledge has been hard to come by. Not anymore. Wade Cook has done over 29,000 trades—Wait till you see his systematic, simple three step process (writing covered calls).
  • It has been tough to get assets working as hard as you do—Now Wade Cook explores “The Secrets of the Third Way.”
  • Inside Track—as millions have learned and benefitted—you too can learn and employ these amazing cash flow secrets. See the batch of trades shown in full living color on the site for subscribers.
  • Do you know the difference between Investing and Trading? Do you know how to trade on your good investments? You will after you devour this hidden treasure chest of knowledge.
  • Forget the limited knowledge of your stockbroker. Ignore there biased and self-serving “recommendations.” Learn from Wade Cook, a pure educator, and the one person who gets nothing out of what you make.
  • Business Income—actual take home “pay the bills” money is recognized as the American Dream. Learn how in numerous real examples. “It’s all about monthly income.”
  • Recently a report said that 90% of the people filing bankruptcy would not have had to do so if they were making an extra $300 a month. This is our mission: To Help People Grow Out of Their Problems.
  • REAL, ACHIEVABLE, PROFITS—in less than 3 days. In fact, it doesn’t take long to get up-to-speed when you see real deals right before your eyes. You’re that close to getting started. You will soon have the knowledge to turn your life around (pay off debt, buy a new home, drive a better car, et cetera).
  • Other bonuses are yours FREE. Take advantage of WIN’s Cash Flow Team. Be a hero to your family and notch up your lifestyle.


TDT is your immediate and long-term way to enhance your
wealth and grow your monthly income.
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Thousand Dollar Thursday is a monthly subscription. After your initial purchase is complete, you will be forwarded to the subscription page where you will create your username and password. Your membership price is locked in, and can never go up.

—Derek Bok
Let's all work together and grow out of our problems. We don't need a government stimulus program. We can create our own economic recovery. It is a wise person who learns through experience. It's a wiser person who learns through the experiences of others. Come join with us in this "Cash Flow Quest.”
NOTICE: Trading and investing in the stock market is risky. Testimonials within this marketing piece, please note that these trades or investments are particular to these people and do not reflect all of the trades in their accounts. Your results will vary.
DISCLAIMER: Wade Cook and the Wealth Information Network, Inc. (WIN) are not stock brokers, and are not licensed to sell investments. You should seek the help of licensed professionals when conducting trades and investments. WC and WIN show people how to paper-trade (practice trade) using real numbers from the stock market to teach how to use the stock market as a business. Your Results Will Vary.