My name is Bobby Smiles. I am a cash flow student and I've found the knowledge I've gained in "Cash Flowing the Stock Market" to be really valuable. Why? Because it works. I heard the publisher was getting ready to do a big marketing push, and even though I'm just 21 years old, I thought I had something to add. I want all my young friends to know how good and useful this knowledge is. Here's my statement:

Armed with knowledge, you'll set the world on fire. That's a funny statement isn't it? It's true, but it is cliché. So let me tell you what I mean by it. First another financial cliché: Knowledge is power. That is a half-truth because knowledge is not powerful it is potential. It only becomes powerful once you implement what you already know. For example, some doctors smoke even though they know smoking increases the chances of getting lung cancer.

So let’s put a little wood on the fire. After all that's what we said above "set the world on fire." It is funny. For some people an extra $800 a month would set their world on fire. Others need an extra $8,000 a month and others need an extra $80,000 a month. That will buy a lot of kindling. I am going to surmise sitting around this bonfire that you are somewhere in between those numbers.

My family purchased 1,000 share of RENN which was going for $4.45 (that's $4,450 or $2,225 on margin). The $4.50 call option was going for 50¢. The family decided to write this covered call. They owned the stock so they are covered. They wrote ten contracts for $500. That is 1,000 times 50¢ = $500. That is a call option for one month (about 4 weeks). They took in $500 giving someone the right to buy their stock at $4.50.

Whether someone buys it or not they keep the $500. They learned about the awesome STOCK MARKET MONEY MACHINE. This is their fourth month writing covered calls making about $300-$600 a month on this one stock. They have a few others and are making about the same kind of money. That is about $1,300 cash in her account in four months. $1,300 is a powerful amount of monthly income based on what they initially invested ($2,225). They want to make a 10% cash return a month but they are still in the early learning stages. They will probably hit 5%-8% once they learn how to double dip better.

I wouldn't delay your purchase of this book package a moment longer. I wish you well, especially you young 20 year olds.


"Inherently, each one of us has the substance within to achieve
whatever our goals and dreams define. What is different
for each of us is the training, education, knowledge and insight
to utilize what we already have."
— Mark Twain

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