Wealth Information Network, Inc. is currently embarking on a new enterprise. Long a staple in the educational/financial arena in America, WIN now will expand into a small but powerful segment of the Electronic Book (E-book) publishing, marketing and distribution.

WIN will primarily publish financial books dealing with business, real estate and the stock market. Already corralling a group of authors, with four New York Times Business Best-selling books (one book on this list for eighteen months), WIN will only publish excellent books with real world solutions.
  • Specific how-to and problem solving books
  • Authors who walk the walk
  • Unique strategies with functional insights
These unique works will now be set into e-book (PDF) format and made available to the buying community. Each book will target a specific segment of the marketplace. WIN has previously developed very strong marketing strategies bypassing the mundane, ordinary systems. Now comes WIN’s Affiliate Program.

In short, LNI will produce high-quality e-books and the affiliates will work to draw people and businesses to a site (landing page) or disseminate a link or emails to accomplish the same.


This WIN/Affiliate relationship is designed to be synergistic and develop a long-term relationship between WIN, the affiliate and customers. Let’s look at what each does.

WIN (E-book publishing) will find, produce, edit, and make ready books for e-publishing. WIN will also work with the authors and its own marketing staff to develop marketing pieces, i.e., words for blog sites, landing pages, emails, etc.

WIN will process credit cards and otherwise sell the books which have been referred by the affiliate. WIN will monitor the sales, copyrights and other trademarks to maintain the integrity of the process.

WIN will maintain a website where affiliates can monitor sales and commissions.

The Affiliate will sign a legally binding agreement and thereafter use their own time and effort to advertise the e-books. The affiliate agrees to abide by the WIN policies set forth therein. The affiliate will be an independent contractor, whether a person or a company. No employer/employee relationship will exist. Affiliates will be 1099 independent contractors and be responsible for all items necessary to be in business—including, but not limited to, licenses and payment of taxes.

The affiliate will search out, explore, try and test, monitor for results, and pay for any and all advertising which they choose to use.

Common Question: What if I don’t know how to market or sell anything on the internet?

Answer: If this is the case you should reconsider this opportunity. It may not be for you. However, with a “discovery attitude” and a desire to learn all you can to try and test certain methods, you may become successful. There is a huge marketplace for our e-books.

We as the publisher, find, write, edit, produce then publish these works. The Affiliate Program is our marketing arm. We all get paid for what we bring to the table.


A big part of our overall marketing strategy is to create a steady stream of back-end products. In short, we sell low cost products that sell other more extensive (therefore more expensive) products. We get people excited with knowledge. We also realize people do things for their own reasons and move at their own pace. We’re not salespeople, but educators and education is the heart and soul of our business.

We also want to entice people with great values. For example, we may have a book which would sell in the bookstores for $34.95 (like our THE BUCKS START HERE), but make it available as a E-Book at a reduced price. Remember this is an e-book that they can read on their screen, printout, or put into an electronic reader.

Next step, all of these books are listed in the WIN Bookstore. Have your customers connect to the site using your Affiliate link. If you have a website, have this linkage everywhere.

Lastly, we offer the large ticket items, i.e., our TDT—Thousand Dollar Thursday service— accompanied by PAID TO TRADE, our Mega Home-Study Course. This service will become your bread and butter. Books are great, but functionally, they teach the concepts and strategies that will lead people to our other services.

As an affiliate you will be paid on each of these sales. Every customer you get to the site is linked to you.


There are three basic types of commissions the affiliate may receive. These commissions will be paid monthly.

Type One: The affiliate will receive 40% of all monthly sales like the $97 TDT Service mentioned earlier. That would be $38.80 in this example. This will be received by the Affiliate as long as the subscription is kept up. Remember, we have many sales tools, including FREE Special Reports to help you do the selling.

Type Two: The commission on the e-book sales will be 40%. If other seminars are sold, there will be stated the commissionable amount. For example: We may co-sponsor an event—like a convention, a seminar or a workshop. The tuition is $2,000, but is discounted to $1,000 for TDT Subscribers. Of this the sponsor receives $400 per sale, leaving $600 to WIN. The Affiliate’s 40% is based on this last figure, the $600. We call this “The Commissionable Amount.”

Type Three: If any of your sales turn into Affiliates, you will receive a 10% override commission. This 10% will be paid on book sales, seminar sales (The Commissionable Amount) and TDT sales.


It’s very easy! Using the link of the Affiliate who attracted you to this business, you can sign up as an affiliate in a few minutes.

Now, red through these Affiliate aids, determine how you want to proceed, then get going. At first you can’t do everything, but you can do something.

1. Let any and everyone know you are an Affiliate.
2. Give them something, like a FREE Special Report.
3. Encourage them to read it.
4. Send them a short letter—there are numerous examples in the eMCee packages.
5. Share with them other articles, insights and written material.

Grow by helping others grow.

We believe in the Affiliate Program. So whether you’re retired or in college, a busy executive or a busier homemaker, maybe this is the low cost, high potential program you need.

Get Started. Never Quit.

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