Diversification for diversification is not always the best answer for building a business. In fact, focus and concentration are often the keys to success. Add to this being specialized with the powerful admonition to get to be an expert and we have a platform for sustained success.
Let’s see if we can bring synergistic power from these to attributes—diversification and concentration.

Remember the power of our business plan requires that management/authors do their job and do it well—producing quality, cutting-edge ideas and formulas that the public can’t get anywhere else. True synergy comes when affiliates expand and grow their own business in the marketing of these e-books. Neither one is more important than the other.
You can look at the list of existing e-books and others in the pipeline and see the quality and functionality of the e-books. You’ll see special pricing, combinations, etc.—not just putting forth the “why” for customers to want to buy, but the “why now.”

Say an affiliate really likes a business book. They go out and find dozens, even hundreds of sites, blogs, email sources where they can attract customers work their links.
While keeping all this alive and even expanding, they then want to market a health book or a real estate book. Should they market it on the same sites? Or is it the wrong place? Should they go find new sites, new places to go? New everything? And what if they don’t want to over market this new book? Remember, affiliates are not required to market any product by ESP. Maybe they have hundreds of real estate sites or stock market forums. Maybe that’s their interest. Great. It’s their business.
But what if they want to expand and grow, make new friends, develop new sites and areas of expertise, and create more “diversified” income? Sort of like not putting all your eggs in the real estate or stock market basket. The markets are volatile, going in and out of fads and popularity.

Other places to market our products open up as the Affiliates see and seize opportunities. While the process of finding new areas is the same, what changes is the amount of places you can grow into.

“If you actually know how much you’re going to make—
say the specific rate of return—you’ll never get rich.
Wealth comes from an explosion of uncertainty,
a certain shunning of security and embracing of the unknown.”
—Wade B. Cook

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