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Affiliate eMCee Package for Thousand Dollar Thursday

Table of Contents

Welcome and Thank you
Affiliates and promotions
Social Media Helps
Keywords and Phrases
Email letters—Long and Short


Once again we thank you for signing up as an Affiliate. We want to welcome you to this business. We want our Affiliate Program to be exceptional and the way for us to do that is to be aware of your needs and help you get started right now, right where you are.
We surely don't want to overwhelm you or give you too much to do. We're sure you already have ideas on how to proceed. We would like you to read this quick experience that Wade Cook had, at a seminar on business in Denver. It's short but the question posed is very important. He was speaking to a large group of real estate agents.

"I assume that by you being here this morning that you are serious about being a successful real estate agent. I want to ask you a question to help point us in the right direction for this discussion. I also assume you know how you individually define success. It could be 10 closings this year, or $80,000. Those are your choices; we only suggest that you choose wisely.

"Here's the question: 'How many people know you are a real estate agent?' You can get buried in the thought process about how many you think should know that you are willing to act on their behalf in buying or selling some real estate.
But think about it, how many right now know you exist in this business.

"Now I want you to ponder that number of people you think you should know, or that should know you, to get you to the closings, or to the income level you need. Is it 200, or 2,000? What about 10,000? Let's go there to prove a point. If you come up with a number like 10,000 people needed to make you successful, than how do you go about notifying or educating 10,000 people that, 'Hey, I'm over here. I want your business.'

"And lastly, what are you going to do today to get you headed in the right direction?"

Wade left it there, but a subsequent question would be: "How will your life be different if 10,000 know who you are, what you can do for them, and how to get a hold of you.


TDT: A Unique and Powerful Service.

You don't need to know all about carburetors to get in a car and drive to the store. TDT works. It's a stand-alone service. So, the same questions as above. How many people know about the service? Specifically, how many of your friends, your associates know of the service? And just as importantly, how many people know you exist, that you have the answers for many of life's financial problems all just a click away? Your click, your link?
Unlike real estate which is mostly serving local people, our service is available worldwide. And there simply is not one-person north of the South Pole who does not need an extra $1,000 this week. There are a few south of the North Pole who are okay without it, but they mush Huskies and well, they're busy. So let's ask you the same questions with the same numbers as above. What would your life be like if 10,000 people had your link to get a FREE Special Report? Yes, I'm speaking of WADE COOK'S CASH FLOW FIRST. Have you read it yourself? Do you see the power of knowledge? Might it help to print out a copy, have it bound at Kinkos for $2.50 and start showing it to people?

So, we offer you here three short, easy-to-implement things you can do. These are small ideas, but just may have huge consequences.
Start right where you are. We have become a social networking society. Go there. Put a link for the FREE Special Report on your Face Book page, both personal and business. If you don't have a business Face Book Page, consider one. It's perhaps the cheapest way to start a site in the country. . . . oops, in the world.If you Tweet, then start driving people somewhere, say your Twitter Wall to click and get the report. Do the same on Linkedin, tumblr, and any other places you go. If you blog, or visit chat rooms, go there with a gift for others. Tell them about Free Reports, and often books. Invite them to check it out. Give away the Report.
Make sure to put your link in all of your places and pages.

1. Start with your email list. How many email addresses do you have? You don't have to put the names in an auto-responder now, that can come later. Just remember, to address your friends, and write to them as a friend would write. Again, you’re giving them something.

2. If appropriate, ask them for their help. What do they think about this product and service? What key words would they use? Spend time with them. Ask a lot of questions.
Again, you don't have to rent email addresses, which too can come later. Just start somewhere. Each person will be part of your 10,000 number, then your 100,000 number. We grow our businesses as we help other people make money.

3. Many of you are still wedded to the past, the old way of proceeding. There is nothing wrong with that. Here's what we mean:
a. Print up some business cards. You can get them cheap at vistaprint.com. $10 gets you 250 cards, or whatever their current special is.
b. What do you want the card to do? Answer: Go to the site, using your link, and get something free.
c. Keep the message simple. Here are a few appropriate components.

_____Your Name______ Phone or website.
FREE: A Powerful Financial Special Report:

d. Now, give it away everywhere. Carry the Special Report with you and give away these cards.

You can use this same idea, information for your letters, your Face Book Page. Review more of the short letters and articles from the site for added ideas.
Don't make life hard. Don't say "no" for people. Everyone is a candidate. Get excited. Okay, so you can't do everything, but that doesn't mean you can't do something. Do something. The world awaits your message and your enthusiasm.


A hearty welcome to all of our new affiliates. We congratulate you and your wise and timely decision to join us in marketing our flagship product, THOUSAND DOLLAR THURSDAY, or TDT. We know you will also be thrilled in introducing our cutting-edge, time honored books to your friends. You are truly on the ground-floor of this ground-breaking opportunity.
We aim to give you the tools you need to effectuate a lasting income. However, having said that, let us be specific in our individual roles. We see two functions being performed to bring about mutual success. They are PRODUCTION and PROMOTION. We will be involved in the mechanics of the site and business, mostly the great pertinent content that will educate the subscriber on how to excel—giving real deals for them to see and learn from. The second part is where you come in. Promotion of this product and service is all in your hands. We will help along the way, but the marketing and promotion is your responsibility.
Think of this symbiosis. We want to provide the most functional cash-flow information available. We will do the research, study and ponder cash flowing the stock market. We will bring the subscriber the best and cutting-edge information in the country. We will then present this knowledge in an exciting format. We are willing to pay 50% of the subscription rate out every month to our affiliates, providing on-going cash flow and engendering a desire to attract more people.
We both have our job to do, and we wish you well in doing yours.

Our eMCee packages have one common function: To give you the tools to succeed at marketing. eMCee stands for Marketing Collection. We borrowed the word emcee, as in Master of Ceremonies, to introduce the public to our products.
We realize many of you have years of experience and huge successes in other places. We welcome you and offer this information as an aid in your efforts. There is always room in marketing for more information, testimonials, excerpts, ads, letters, explanations etc., and we humbly submit to you the words of our authors and marketing tutors to push the ball a little further down the field.
Each product that we have, each service and each book (mostly marketed in product groups), will have an eMCee package. Some will be short, some will be extensive. Some will be general information, some will be very specific—as in who needs this, how does the trade work, and specific deals.

We've stuck with the theme of each product having its own "MAGNIFICENT SEVEN" times TWO. Here's what that means. We have broken the contents into two parts. The first part is "WHAT we have to offer." The second part is "WHERE these ideas can be used." We'll now show you what we mean.

a) Subject line words and content for emails, envelopes,
b) Short letters. Questions, salient points.
c) Many of these words and ideas can be used to enhance your efforts with obtaining links to your site.

2. LETTERS: Short letters, long letters. E-mail funnel,
a) For auto-responders. These are for inviting friends, and for putting on your site.

3. ADS: Real, live, exciting advertisements.
a) For your site, other marketing avenues, etc.
b) These will have a more traditional feel to them.
c) We will make many of the written items on our site available for your own particular use.

4. EXCERPTS: Parts of books, articles, and real deals.
a) To be placed on blog sites, forums, article sites, all linked to us through your link. These are educational in nature. This part of the collection
is useful in blogging.

5. TESTIMONIALS: And Endorsements.
a) These could be comments from students on their trades.
b) They could be from celebrities.
c) Use in letters, on your site, emails, and in your advertisements.

a) We often come up with a list of keywords to aid you in your efforts to optimize your site.
b) SEO, is not overused and many successful people use Search Engine Optimization, and Reverse SEO, to increase their page ranking.

a) In today's marketing arena there is more "Invitational Marketing" than interruption marketing.
b) We come bearing gifts. We have special reports available for FREE. These sell and educate and draw people back to the site.

The question should not be: where can I use a particular item in the above list, but the question should be "how many places can it be used?" A case in point. If you buy into marketing using Social Media, the world opens up. Get your ideas, your knowledge and your link out there.
We believe in getting people excited with knowledge. Knowledge, especially of the cash flow variety is a powerful enticement. You don't need to make things up. You don't need to hype anything. Just invite people to come and take a look. You are now the purveyor of a worthwhile way to live a life.
In closing, we want to make sure you understand our passion for our product. We believe it's all about the product. It's nice to have a lucrative compensation plan and one that keeps going for you, but the product, how it's understood, used and how it changes people's lives is paramount. There is no other service in the world like T.D.T. There are no books available anywhere, at any price, like our books. We believe in quality and first and foremost that means real, valuable, results oriented and functional knowledge. Knowledge is the key to wealth accumulation.
We wish you well.
Attention Getters, Short Phrases, Questions, Subject lines, FB, Twitter… All Social Media
  • Attention Getters, Short Phrases, Questions, Subject lines, FB, Twitter… All Social Media
  • Job Free Income
  • Do you want extra work or extra income?
  • Do you know how to retire off your assets?
  • Cash flow, Tax Write-Offs, or Growth? Go for the cash flow!
  • Grow out of your problems.
  • Don’t cut back. Grow, make more money!
  • The best tax-shelter in the world is to make more money.
  • Knowledge is just potential. Make it cash flow powerful.
  • How hard does your money work for you?
  • Rolling Stocks, Writing Covered Calls, Stock Splits: More income
  • Timely and Timeless Investing Strategies.
  • The “Cash Flow” proof is yours for the asking. In the pudding.
  • Get real spendable income in just three days.
  • If you’re getting less than 5% returns a month…
  • Get Rich Quick? No, Get Rich Steady.
  • Learn how to be Cash Flow Wealthy.
  • How do you define wealth? Excess Income.
  • Industrial Strength Financial Wisdom.
  • Wealth Knowledge from the trenches.
  • What makes excess income? The wise application of knowledge.
  • How to put Market forces to work for you.
  • The secrets of the third way: Assets producing income.
  • Wealth means getting assets to produce actual cash—to support the family.
  • Don’t rely on the government, build your own economic recovery.
  • Are you ready for a good (great) retirement?
  • Who's in your financial corner?
  • Is it time to turn on your financial blinker . . .??
  • Are you looking for Wade Cook? (This one is working best for us on Google)
  • Where in the world is Wade Cook?
  • The Goose that lays the Golden Eggs has a message for you.
  • Are you money tired?
  • Do your finances need a pick-me-up?
  • Do your finances need some caffeine?
  • Free Special Report
  • Money News you can use
  • Reflections of wealth
  • Knowledge is only potential.
  • In the business bus station of life . . .
  • Four Times New York Times Bestselling author has an offer for you.
  • Is it time to make more money?
  • Have you thought about the quality of your money?
Key Words

Here are Keywords to stimulate your thinking. These are to be used on your site. There are many services that will help you maximize your efforts. Here's a simple technique to help you get on the right track. Go to 3 of your friends. Ask them this: What would you put in the search bar on Google if you were interested in making money, or investing in the stock market, etc. Don't give them any hints. You want their "customer words," what we call buying or searching phrases. Your words and our words usually are selling words, not buying words. Get their opinion. They will love helping you. Also, invite them to check out your site or use your link.
You can put these words into Keyword search services for additional lists, insights and help.

Phrases with Key Words embedded in
  • The stock market as an income machine
  • How to cash flow the stock market
  • The stock market as a home-based business
  • Wade “cash flow” Cook
  • Create your own income machine
  • Build your own stock market money machine
  • Wade Cook and writing covered calls
  • Wade Cook and rolling stocks
  • Dynamic Dollars
  • How to treat a stock market like a business
  • How to get income from your assets
  • Income producing assets: a great way to retire
  • Retire cash flow steady
  • Rolling stocks and monthly income
  • Where is wade cook?
  • Wade cook and the Wall Street money machine
  • Writing covered calls, rolling stocks and cash flowing the market
  • Is your business struggling?
  • Create your own stimulus package.
  • Sure, being self-employed is not all it’s cracked up to be… But what are the alternatives?
  • Are you tired of waiting for the government to do the right thing? And should you create your own economic recovery?
  • It’s just silly to think you can get rich working for someone else.
  • Safety First Investing, Wall Street Money Machine, Cash Flow the Stock Market, Invest Smart and Stock Market Money Machine, a Power-House Collection.
  • How to get rich in spite of the weak economy?
  • Rolling Stocks Today
  • Writing Covered Calls
  • Stock market investing for income.
  • Wade Cook and Stock Market Investing and Trading
  • Wade Cook’s Wall Street Strategies
  • Cash Flow
  • Making Money Online
Email Letters—Short

The focus of these letters will be on introducing yourself and what you have for them. In some ways these are written to people whom you know. We'll add, edit and adjust a few to be to anyone in the general public, or at least your targeted audience.

Letter #1

Dear Friend,
Every once in a while a new service hits the market that is so remarkable, unique and powerful that it becomes a category creator. I have discovered one such educational service that will shake up the way you think about money—from wealth enhancement to building up an extra source of monthly income.
If you need more income, say $2,000 to $4,500 a month, then this service holds a lot of promise. It's worth checking out. And there is a bonus for doing so. WIN has written a special Report for $24.95. I've made arrangements to get it to you for FREE. It's called Wade Cook's Cash Flow First.
Again, it's absolutely FREE with no strings attached. However, it's loaded with really good information. Just click here
_____________________________________ or visit my website and click through and get this great knowledge.

Your Friend

Letter #2

I have a few questions for you: Are you tired of being broke? Can you use more monthly income? I'm sure when you read these questions you think, yeah, I can use more income, but I'm sick and tired of get-rich quick schemes. So are we.
However, there are little known, seldom used ways to get cash flow out of the stock market. It's a way to turn the stock market into a part-time, home-based income machine. There is a powerful Special Report called: Wade Cook’s Cash Flow First (Formerly called Job Free Income). You'll love this cutting-edge knowledge.
The report is normally $24.95 and worth all of that plus thousands. In fact, the Report will explore and explain a very unique and achievable way to make extra part-time, home-based income. NOW you can get this Money Report for FREE with no strings attached. Just click on this link___________________________________ and get yours today.

Letter #3

Is it time to turn on the blinker and change the lane you’re in, toward your future and your retirement? Most people are stuck in a rut with their finances stagnant, boring and going down a dead-end street. I've recently become an affiliate of a powerful way to turn the stock market into a part-time income source. It is doable and very exciting.
This process is explained in a new Special Report called WADE COOK’S CASH FLOW FIRST. It's regularly $24.95, but I've made arrangements to secure it for you for nothing. That's right . . . FREE. The message is powerful. You'll love it.
Just click on this link and get the report now. ____________________________________ Or you can go to my site and click through and get the report there. Whichever, I wish you well.

Letter #4

Dear Friend,
How would you rate the quality of your income? Do you have enough? Do you have income coming in from a source that does not require you to go to work? Would you like to learn how to get a second paycheck without getting a second job?
I recently became an Affiliate with a powerful source for financial education. They show people how to get assets producing income. It's a way of cash-flowing the stock market. Now, don't think it's one of those get-rich quick schemes. This is a time-honored, street-tested way to get monthly income right away—and starting with as little as $800 to $1,200.
There is a FREE special Report available that explains all of this. It's normally $24.95 but you can get it now for no charge and no obligation. It's called WADE COOK’S CASH FLOW FIRST. This report is about Affluence, Financial Fortunes and YOU. I promise you it is a good read. You will learn a lot of fun and useful information. Just click here_______________________________ Thanks.

P.S. We may not have all of the answers to your financial problems or questions, but the answers and solutions we do have are really beneficial.

Letter #5

Dear Friend,
Are you waiting for a stimulus check from Washington? Are you tired of all of the political promises, and yet you see the economy stagnant, jobs scarce and incomes not rising? How about creating your own stimulus package? Recently I became associated with a company which helps people get extra monthly income by using the stock market in really powerful and street-tested ways. None of this get-rich hocus-pocus. We call it get rich steady.
A Special Report entitled WADE COOK’ CASH FLOW FIRST is now available. It explains how to get assets producing income so you can quit your job, live a better life, and retire earlier than you've ever hoped. Just click on my link and you can get the knowledge in this Report working for you in hours.
One last question: If the next five years of your life are a mirror of the last five years, where will you be? There are tried and proven, yet seldom used ways to cash flow the market.

Your Friend, _______________


None of these ideas are written to be the end-all, be-all of this process. In fact, none of this should be considered the end at all. This is the beginning for many of you. These are given so your own creative juices start flowing. Also, so you'll use tools on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other services for finding better and better Keywords that help you get to more potential customers.

Lastly, our style is to gift. To gather a following. You may want to jump in with these customers and sell sell sell. We encourage you to think this through. Go a little slower. We are educators. We encourage you to be the same. Don't sell, Educate. You'll notice that our targeted gift is the awesome Special Report ($24.95, but now FREE): WADE COOK’S CASH FLOW FIRST.

Make sure you read this report yourself. You may want to reference part of it in your letters. And you should know that anyone you link to the site and who orders WADE COOK’S CASH FLOW FIRST is linked to you. Even if they don't subscribe to our TDT right away, when they do, you will get credit for that subscription. One last thing on this process. When someone orders THE REPORT they go into an incredible E-Mail Auto-Responder Funnel. They will receive ten great letters, encouraging, educating and moving them towards the only smart and logical choice they should make, and that is become one of our MEMBERS.

We hope this helps get the juices flowing. Creativity comes from unexpected places. Try new ideas. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Stick out. Think of unusual phrases, places and things to do.

Thank You for participating. We wish you well.

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