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Affiliate eMCee Package for Thousand Dollar Thursday

Table of Contents

Welcome and Thank you
Affiliates and promotions
Social Media Helps
Keywords and Phrases
Email letters—Long and Short


Once again we thank you for signing up as an Affiliate. We want to welcome you to this business. We want our Affiliate Program to be exceptional and the way for us to do that is to be aware of your needs and help you get started right now, right where you are.
We surely don't want to overwhelm you or give you too much to do. We're sure you already have ideas on how to proceed. We would like you to read this quick experience that Wade Cook had, at a seminar on business in Denver. It's short but the question posed is very important. He was speaking to a large group of real estate agents.

"I assume that by you being here this morning that you are serious about being a successful real estate agent. I want to ask you a question to help point us in the right direction for this discussion. I also assume you know how you individually define success. It could be 10 closings this year, or $80,000. Those are your choices; we only suggest that you choose wisely.

"Here's the question: 'How many people know you are a real estate agent?' You can get buried in the thought process about how many you think should know that you are willing to act on their behalf in buying or selling some real estate.
But think about it, how many right now know you exist in this business.

"Now I want you to ponder that number of people you think you should know, or that should know you, to get you to the closings, or to the income level you need. Is it 200, or 2,000? What about 10,000? Let's go there to prove a point. If you come up with a number like 10,000 people needed to make you successful, than how do you go about notifying or educating 10,000 people that, 'Hey, I'm over here. I want your business.'

"And lastly, what are you going to do today to get you headed in the right direction?"

Wade left it there, but a subsequent question would be: "How will your life be different if 10,000 know who you are, what you can do for them, and how to get a hold of you.


TDT: A Unique and Powerful Service.

You don't need to know all about carburetors to get in a car and drive to the store. TDT works. It's a stand-alone service. So, the same questions as above. How many people know about the service? Specifically, how many of your friends, your associates know of the service? And just as importantly, how many people know you exist, that you have the answers for many of life's financial problems all just a click away? Your click, your link?
Unlike real estate which is mostly serving local people, our service is available worldwide. And there simply is not one-person north of the South Pole who does not need an extra $1,000 this week. There are a few south of the North Pole who are okay without it, but they mush Huskies and well, they're busy. So let's ask you the same questions with the same numbers as above. What would your life be like if 10,000 people had your link to get a FREE Special Report? Yes, I'm speaking of WADE COOK'S CASH FLOW FIRST. Have you read it yourself? Do you see the power of knowledge? Might it help to print out a copy, have it bound at Kinkos for $2.50 and start showing it to people?

So, we offer you here three short, easy-to-implement things you can do. These are small ideas, but just may have huge consequences.
Start right where you are. We have become a social networking society. Go there. Put a link for the FREE Special Report on your Face Book page, both personal and business. If you don't have a business Face Book Page, consider one. It's perhaps the cheapest way to start a site in the country. . . . oops, in the world.If you Tweet, then start driving people somewhere, say your Twitter Wall to click and get the report. Do the same on Linkedin, tumblr, and any other places you go. If you blog, or visit chat rooms, go there with a gift for others. Tell them about Free Reports, and often books. Invite them to check it out. Give away the Report.
Make sure to put your link in all of your places and pages.

1. Start with your email list. How many email addresses do you have? You don't have to put the names in an auto-responder now, that can come later. Just remember, to address your friends, and write to them as a friend would write. Again, you’re giving them something.

2. If appropriate, ask them for their help. What do they think about this product and service? What key words would they use? Spend time with them. Ask a lot of questions.
Again, you don't have to rent email addresses, which too can come later. Just start somewhere. Each person will be part of your 10,000 number, then your 100,000 number. We grow our businesses as we help other people make money.

3. Many of you are still wedded to the past, the old way of proceeding. There is nothing wrong with that. Here's what we mean:
a. Print up some business cards. You can get them cheap at vistaprint.com. $10 gets you 250 cards, or whatever their current special is.
b. What do you want the card to do? Answer: Go to the site, using your link, and get something free.
c. Keep the message simple. Here are a few appropriate components.

_____Your Name______ Phone or website.
FREE: A Powerful Financial Special Report:

d. Now, give it away everywhere. Carr