EXCITEMENT: I am very excited. The feeling comes from an old idea or opportunity made new. At my age and level of busy-ness, I don’t want to do anything that does not benefit people and also provide income for them, both now and in the future. In fact, I don’t think any of us mind working, but we want results that are meaningful and continuous. And we definitely want to be engaged in worthwhile and, dare I say it, noble pursuits.

I’m writing about LegalShield and IDShield. Years ago we were involved, and oh, how I wish we had used the service before our lives fell apart, both legally and financially. Not one person I’m writing to has gone through what we went through, but every one of you has had a need for legal help—probably many times over. And Identity theft and fraud is so prevalent, that the problems beg for solutions.

GROWING: LegalShield now has 3,800,000 people covered—1,500,000 households. It’s growing and helping more and more people in powerful ways. Membership in LegalShield and now IDShield is spot on for this economy and this culture. For example, did you know 95 million Americans were in court or had legal issues and only 35 million were hospitalized. One would not think of driving without car insurance. This service now exists in such a quality way. Okay, this is starting to sound like a sales-piece, and I don’t want to do that.

I do want to tell you why I’m excited and what I plan to do with my excitement—and I hope you see the benefit of the service and the business opportunity. The service can best be explained in a short and informative video on my our Independent Associate LegalShield site.

Here is our link:

Please don’t delay. This is important.

THE OTHER NIGHT: I was sitting with a group of people. I knew many of them, there was not one person who doesn’t need this service. Not one. I looked from person to person and realized what LegalShield will mean to them. And both the service and the business (Income) will outlive them.

The benefits are legend and people readily see how the quality service will help them. They may not join, but I feel that I just haven’t done a sufficient job at helping them understand how their life will be different and better. I love getting people excited with knowledge.

MAKING MONEY: I know some people want to make extra monthly income. Some want to use some of my stock market strategies, but need $800 to $1,200 to get going (See wadecoo.org). This is a perfect opportunity to create a second source of income. This Bus-Op is well thought-out.

You make money by marketing, they do the rest. 1. They pay Advanced Commissions (Daily). They also reward you with overrides. I hope I can help you do that. And, they pay long-term continuous income. The average customer stays a member for over 5 years. Amazing.

FREEDOM TEAM: I’m setting out to help thousands of people secure these great benefits, and hopefully you will want to join our FREEDOM TEAM and make it happen. Start now. Watch the video; Secure your membership and become an Associate. We can all make more money together than we can alone.

Abundantly Yours,

Wade B. Cook.
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