Dear WIN Affiliates and Potential Affiliates,

Please spend some time with these ideas. You will see unfold before you one of the most unique and far-reaching marketing ideas ever presented. If it doesn’t get you excited, then you need to check your vitamin dosage. So, before you move on, buckle up and get in the fast lane.

First, we know we have a very powerful, unique and useful service in our TDT, or Thousand Dollar Thursday. No one, and we mean no one has anything like it. Have you ever heard the expression, “Tap Root?” For example, the Arabian horse is the tap root horse. It is the horse of the desert, the one in the Bible. All horses, both miniature horses and the huge warm-bloods can trace their genealogy and breeding back to the Arabian.

In the Financial World, Wade Cook is a tap-root educator. He is original, intuitive and highly creative. He is in fact a “category creator.” Don’t go down the road with Wade and expect old, boring, and stale strategies and ideas. His market wisdom, based on the experience of tens of thousands of trades, is unparalleled. You can tap into this “productive knowledge” and put it to work for you.

Okay, that is a given. Anyone who has any experience with Wade knows this to be true. However, this letter is much more than that. It is a way of taking our service to the world. And once again, you will see something very powerful. One strategic point is that while others are selling investments that are supposed to do something down the road, Wade shares techniques, formulas and “right thinking” ways to get the cash flow coming in---NOW. The future will take care of itself, if you have excess income, especially income coming in from an independent source.


The cost of this service, the TDT, is just $97 a month. What you get for that is a TDT every Thursday. This is a covered call deal where you will make around $1,000. Not maybe, but now. Right then. There are usually 3 to 8 trades in each posting. Stop right there. Are you getting this? $97 gets you profits of $4,000 to $9,000 a month. There is no obligation to continue. But $97 to make $1,000, a few times, and 4 or 5 times a month has a negative cost benefit. You get so much more than what you pay for.

Next, you will receive with your membership a comprehensive and knowledge-packed TEN lesson study course: PAID to TRADE. This course is $995 and you get it FREE with your membership. Now, wait, wait, we told you this was going to be unique, but so far the marketing plan is pretty ordinary.
  • WIN does not manage people’s money
  • This is not a motivational seminar/service
  • We get nothing out of what people make
  • This is pure education. We are not brokers
  • We give unbiased advice and strategies
  • We are not into hot stocks, but hot strategies
  • Everything we share is based on generating income


Here’s how this will affect you. You know we pay 40% out in commissions. You get paid for marketing our services, and we are looking for major marketers or people who want to learn.

READ that 40% EVERY MONTH AS LONG AS THEY SUBSCRIBE. And please know that we will work our fannies off to make them happy, every month.

Think of this: GETTING about $40 TIMES 100 OR 1,000 (That’s $40,000 a month, or near a half million a year), would provide a nice hassle free income. You do the marketing; we provide great product.

And you get the 40% on other sales, like books and other products and services. Note: You get paid on the commissionable amount, which may not be full retail. But again, the monthly $97 is paid at the whole 40% base commission.

There is also another 10% of sales paid out to you if a friend or associate also becomes an affiliate. Basically, on the $97 monthly TDT Tuition, you would receive 10% of the $97 on all of their sales—again, for as long as the customer subscribes.

The same is true with Bookstore sales, and seminar/workshop sales in the future.

Income now and income down the road. This is a perfect way to grow out of your problems and live a better lifestyle.

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