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This article is not only written to be informative, but useful as an advertising piece for an online marketing campaign. I'm writing it for people who are in marketing or business. I hope you enjoy it. If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.

"Read this book by Wade Cook, one of the Masters of our time,
and you will get every good thing you want."
—Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul"

May I share a quick lesson? Testimonials are a vital and valuable tool in marketing. I was going to add vibrant to the short list of V’s, but that depends on the essential qualities of the testimonials and how they're received by the reader and potential customer.

Some people are not impressed by testimonials, but many are. Hopefully they'll read into the words that they too can lose weight, succeed, make money, etc. However, to capture their interest we must capture a few seconds of their time.

We see that there are five different types of testimonials and endorsements. We'll use the financial arena as the foundation of our study. In finances, people bring a lot of baggage with them. Most of what they think they know does not serve them very well. In fact, there are so many financial myths out and about, that it's a wonder anyone gets rich at all. And these wrong, negative, misplaced thoughts just may explain why so many people end up dead broke when they retire.

Keeping this in mind, look at these five categories: 1. People who start with little money; 2. People who need and develop monthly income (A big part of what I teach); 3. People who have really succeeded big-time and made big-bucks; 4. What people are now able to do with their new-found wealth or income; 5. Words from Financial Professionals.

Our job in selling books or seminars is to make people feel comfortable and think: "Hey, I can do this!" We want them to realize that: 1. They can do it; 2. They can do it now; and 3. They can do it here. Let's look at each of the five topics as we show you some real testimonials: Real People Doing Real Deals. Check your own feelings as you read these.


This is where so many people are. In fact, they may be in a rut of despair, apathy and hopelessness. It’s our job to lift them up, edify them and give them courage. Hopefully they'll find within themselves a new desire and relate to the words of others.

"Just getting started in the last six months. Started with $600 in an online account, trading calls. At present, I have $6,000 in this account." —Clark R., FL

"I love this stuff. I've learned a lot. I've made $100,000+ in five months, starting with $5,000.” —Ricky I., CA

"I attended Wade's Seminar. I didn't have any more money to start an account with, so I paper traded for six months. As a single mother, finishing a degree, I finally found an online firm who would accept me with no required minimum balance. I started in February with $200 . . . My first trade on a stock netted me $9. Not a lot, but with more time than money, I studied hard and really concentrated on technical . . . . I had turned $200 into $6,200. (I added $500 tax return). As of August I've increased that to $9,000 doing Rolling Stock and some Covered Calls." —Jodi L., UT

"I just wanted to let you know, that I was able to play one (rolling) stock over a three-week period, seven times, and was able to realize a $7,000 profit from a $500 investment." —Thom A., TX

Do you see why we have to put in disclaimers that say, "Your Results Will Vary?" In fact, these testimonials are awesome. Even this author has never turned $500 into $7,000 in three weeks doing this type of trade. And Jodi's words? What an inspiration. What would most people do if they waited and studied and then made only $9? Right: they would quit. But not Jodi. She supported her daughter through High School and College with trading for cash flow.


This is the thrust of our books. I get a kick out of watching people learn and grow. People do not need a second job. It's not about Job replacement, it's about income replacement. To get ahead, they need extra income. In fact, it's this extra source of income that lets them quit their job and retire early and retire better.

"I am now a retired chiropractor at age 37 . . . Averaging about $30,000 a month." —Alan P., AZ

"I currently make $8,000 to $15,000 per month. Thanks for changing my life." —Kathy L., CA

"I am averaging $30,000/month on spreads and call options." —Edward A., HI

"Average $18,000 per month with mostly Covered Calls." —Garty B., TN

We're in the retirement business. You may forget this, but we won't. Once you've created a separate source of income—income which keeps coming in—than you can invest in all kinds of things. But you first need to focus on steady monthly income.


These are the testimonials that get everyone excited. They are the ones we are most reluctant to write. We don't want to give people false hope. Let the politicians do that. We want to share real strategies, forged in the fires of life, strategies that help people quit their jobs and live a more abundant life.

"I've made $1,338,081.43 net profit in 11 1/2 months. I originally started with $36,000." —Mike L., WA

"I turned $200,000 approximately into $1,200,000 in 6 months." —Larry G., CA

"I started trading with $2,900 . . . I recently took an account from $16,000 to $330,000 in 2 weeks, and $35,000 to $2,484,000 in 6 weeks. I made $1.25 million in one day." —Glenn M., IL

We did not promise these people that they would make that kind of money, and we're not promising you this kind of success either. These are phenomenal amounts and are life changing events. It's funny though, that some people take the same information and do little while others excel. Do you have the gumption to make it big?


This is the most important grouping of testimonials we receive. As you read them you'll find out why. Read the quote by Woodrow Wilson: "You are not here merely to make a living. You are here to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, but will lessen yourself if you forget the errand."

"A year ago we didn't know if we were going to keep this house. Today, it's paid for. We’ve never lost a dime when we followed the rules . . . We had no background, zip, zero, nada experience playing stocks before Wade. I don't think it's that he's done something new. What he's done is put it into plain language us common folk can understand." —Joel D., CA

"I just gave a check for $3,000 to my church to pay off a building loan." — Harley S., OH

"My life now is enriched by my ability to give more of my time and myself. One charity I work with cares for teenagers and their families that have been affected by alcohol, drugs and violence." —Ted N., CA


We cherish these comments. Everyone needs to be validated, and we receive praise from the best. We hope you take to heart and realize that A. we get nothing out of what you do; B. everyone else will get something out of what you do; C. Because of our "pure educator" status, we can give unbiased information and give you cautions and concerns that many "Get the commission at any cost brokers" may not give; It is good to be around people who get nothing out of what you do.

"I am a financial planner who works primarily in mutual funds and life insurance. Any financial professional who criticizes Wade's strategies is simply speaking out of ignorance." —Christopher M., OH

"I am a stockbroker and this information should be required for all brokers before they can advise anyone about investing in the market. Most brokers know all about the workings of the stock market but little or nothing about helping their clients make money. All Wade's strategies make sense and should allow me to better serve myself and my clients." —Bob B., CA

"Wade's books filled in the gaps in my stockbroker education. As a stockbroker I learned how the markets work but not how to personally make money. The firms I have worked for focus on the selling and on customer service . . . not learning strategies beyond buy and hold. Thanks for showing me what I was missing." —Davis S., TX


Many financial professionals say to Americans: "Hey! You're not smart enough to understand the stock market. Give your money to us and we'll manage it for you (for many fees)." Then along comes a cabdriver from Tacoma WA and says: "Hold It Americans! You are smart enough. I'll go figure out what the big guys know and do, distill it down and share it with you, after I've worked out the bugs."

Let's see if the above testimonials served the purpose we intended. Let's do a test. The above words are designed to help market a set of e-manuals and e-books that truly can get people up and going. It's called "CASH FLOWING THE STOCK MARKET." It's a comprehensive, exciting collection of stock market cash flow techniques and wisdom. The above testimonials are based on what these people learned and earned following the strategies and techniques outlined in these E-Manuals and E-Books. Okay, enough of that. Here's the question: Did any of these testimonials cause you to want to buy into what these people are talking about? Okay, maybe not completely, but did these testimonials pique your interest and cause you to want to know more?

That response from you would be great. Then you can go to a link and get more information. Hopefully it will lead you along, create a need or desire and cause you to act. That's one purpose of testimonials is to get you to the next point. The other purpose as mentioned before is to help you see that you can do it right now. So don't delay.

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