How to Pick Up Forclosures
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Ultimate Real Estate Book on Finding Bargain Properties

You will never see a book like this one. It is truly a Category Creator. Other books may delve into Foreclosures, but when it comes to PRE-FORECLOSURE, this is the TAP-ROOT.

♣ You will learn how to get properties way before the Auction.

♣ You'll see how to pick them up for pennies on the dollar.

♣ You see how to bail people out of their bad financial situation—saving their credit report and a host of anxiety.

♣ Pre-Foreclosures is the ultimate "Buy Right to Sell Right" Formula.

♣ Pre-Foreclosures is the perfect add-on to REAL ESTATE MONEY.

♣ There is a complete and comprehensive, step-by step process for finding, securing and then using these bargain properties.
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