Invest Smart
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This thoughtful book explores the Investor Side of the Mix between Investing and Trading. It is making great investments that set the table for success in the stock market.

You'll learn all about the infamous P/E ratio—what it is, how to use it for making better decisions. You will see it from a "Cabdriver's Perspective."

The Seven C's of a company's attributes are delved into. From Earnings to Management, from Debt to Book Value, the making of great choices will be explained in full.

Formerly part of Wade Cook's Stock Picking Handbook, and taught in his many seminars and workshops, once again, Wade's Real World Experiences come shining through.

You be thrilled at the wealth of wisdom his experiences bring to the table. Hi 29,000 trades and investments—both the losers and the many winners—redound to your benefit.
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