Paid to Trade—Lesson 10
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Here we go! Lesson 10. The finale. You might say we’ve saved the best for last. Our mission since the beginning has been to help you find a way to live a more abundant life. With that in mind, get ready for a sprint to the end. Well, more like a RUN.

R.U.N. means to Ramp Up Now. The functional working of this process is to take the option Premium generated from selling the call, and use it immediately to buy more stock, and within the same trade, sell more options. The results are really fantastic. You end up leveraging now with new money, and use that new money to make yet more money.

• The R.U.N. Process: Understanding the Basics

• Steps One, Two, and Three

• See Example TDTs—Again, Real Deals

• Let’s Retire in a few months

R.U.N. lets you advance the day of retirement to a few months—at least within two years.
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