Real Estate Money Machine
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This is Wade Cook's very first book. It is a book that created a cash-flow revolution in the real estate investing arena. Hundred of Thousands of people have read and benefited from the words and wisdom in this book.

Wade dispels the old notion of buy-and-hold as the only way, or even the best way to use real estate as a way to generate monthly income. He introduced "FLIPPING" houses to the world.
Now copycats everywhere use his cutting-edge methods to solve the traditional problems of real estate.

The book contains a comparison of investment strategies; buy-right to sell-right formulas; and how to put the machine on "Automatic Pilot" and retire cash-flow rich.

Oddly, it all started in a taxi in Tacoma, Washington. There the meter-drop formula was born—now giving aid to thousands of disgruntled landlords.

The sheer simplicity of the Real Estate Money Machine proves there is "power in simplicity."
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