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This Package includes 2 E-Manuals—Invest Smart and
Cash Flow the Stock Market
BONUS receive 3 Bonus E-Books
Wall Street Money Machine, Stock Market Money Machine and
Safety 1st Investing
INVEST SMART—a jam-packed exposé on finding value, bargains and laying a foundation to “Get Assets Producing Income.”

Learn how to choose stocks wisely. If you have a sick stock learn how to fix it. Everyone wants to know what makes a stock go up. This author has learned by being in the trenches of trading in the stock market. Supply and demand are a real factor in investing in the stock market. Just think, if you knew when a stock was going to go up or down, don’t you think you could make big money? This book has those answers.

CASH FLOW THE STOCK MARKETThis book shows you how to trade for cash flow on good investments. It shows explosive strategies to get your money working harder than you work.

The recipe for making 5%, 10%, even 20% a month is in this book. Presented will be a smorgasbord of trading the right way. Cash flow strategies everyone wanting to trade or that are currently trading in the stock market should know.

• Bottom fishing
• Rolling stocks
• Options
• Writing Covered Calls

Cash Flow the Stock Market is a simple to understand book that keeps on giving.

WALL STREET MONEY MACHINE—The book that changed the way America bought and sold stock! Hailed by beginners and experts alike! All the great information you loved in the classic edition. This revised and updated version is a great introduction for creating wealth using the Wade Cook formulas.

• Aggressive strategies for making cash flow in the stock market—Rolling Stocks, Covered Calls, Stock Splits and more.
• Inside secrets—find out the inside secrets to stock options and turn them into a cash flow machine.
• Proxy Investing—Make money on the stock you can’t afford (yet).
• Combined strategies—Rolling Options, double dipping, “overdrive” and more.
• Protect your assets—Learn the strategies so you can keep more of what you make.

Plus all new:
• Charts and examples
• Even more money making ideas
• Covered Calls, even more in depth
• Options explored and explained like never before
• How to get unlimited upside potential, with limited downside risk

Safety 1st Investing—Preserve and Grow Your Asset Base as You Build an Ever-Increasing Income Stream.

Safety—New and exciting formulas and methods for income generation.

• Cash Flow, Cash Flow, Cash Flow—The “inside scoop” to developing steady monthly income.

Options For Safety—A new look at options: Unlimited upside potential and limited downside risk.

"It's like the financial professionals say, 'Hey Americans, you're not smart enough to figure out the stock market. Give your money to us and we'll manage it for you.' Then along comes Wade Cook (me) and says, 'No, wait! You are smart enough. I will go figure out what the billion dollar traders do, distill it down and share it with you.'"


The Ultimate HOW-TO Book on Writing Covered Calls
STOCK MARKET MONEY MACHINE, notches up your knowledge with dynamic ins-and-outs of WRITING COVERED CALLS. This unique and functional set of income knowledge is a good read, a better explanation and HOW-TO collection of the best reference material available.

• How to Get a Second Paycheck Without Getting a Second Job
• Get Assests Producing Cash Flow—So You Can Quit Your Job
• How to Turn the Stock Market Into an Income Machine, and get $2,000-$3,000 with in days. This is no joke!

This collection of time-honored and street tested stock market wisdom is truly in the "Category-Creator" way to use the stock market and get assets producing income. The real life examples, and trading commentary are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in excess income.
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