ZAP: Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Happiness

I pray that “all who enter my house will be prosperously effected.”
II Chronicles 7:11

"I have never been as happy as when I am being of service to others. I am blessed because my passion is teaching others, and I love the financial arena. I get to enjoy the best of both worlds."

“To teach a man how he may learn to grow independently and for himself, is perhaps the greatest service that one any can do another.” — Ben Jowett
ZAP is a singular book, picking up where THINK AND GROW RICH and THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINIKING left off.

Wade said: "I have stood on the shoulders of giants. From there I have seen farther, seen more clearly and have been given insights that I have put into practice and now desire to share with the world. I pray you will be richly blessed by reading this book."
PREFACE: This book is about ZAPS, those wonderful mind-bursts of inspiration, creativity and innovation.

ONE: Free the Mind. When creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship coalesce around a passion and process everyone benefits. The world awaits your contribution.

TWO: Roadblocks to Creativity and Wealth Creation. Keep your mind focused on winning ways and the power to initiate.

THREE: Inside Out Thinking. Strategies of building your creative powers and applying them to all of our lives. This is a detailed roadmap for successful accomplishments.

FOUR: I Think Therefore I am. We as prescient human beings are given a multiplicity of blessings—among which are our ability to think, plan and grow. We diminish ourselves if we frustrate God’s plan for us.

FIVE: Entrepreneurship and Creativity. Your Attitude determines your Altitude, and attitude controls everything in your life. Opposition exists everywhere and you are meant to defeat it.

SIX: Benevolence and Enhanced Creativity. Give power to the entrepreneurs and watch the creative juices flow: Innovators innovate; Creators create; Builders build; and Achievers achieve.

SEVEN: Happiness and Success. The Art of Surprise. Create more and better ZAPS: those indiscernible insights, inspirations and brainstorms which helps you become a “category creator.”

EIGHT: Encroaching on Creativity: Avoid the Levelers. Fighting the battle of freedom against the tyrannical forces of the world, we must be vigilant and protect our freedoms.

NINE: Attributes of Genius: wonderful thoughts on the recognition and characteristics of great thinkers.

TEN: Between You and Government. There are many roadblocks to success. Find your place. You don’t need to participate in recessions, downturns and negative thinking.

ELEVEN: What a Great Country. This country from its very founding has been a gift to the world. And you are a gift to this country.

TWELVE: From Brain to Shining Brain. It starts with the brain, it ends with the brain. We’ll explore Creative Imagineering and making the world a better place. You are a wonderful creation of God, and because of that you are destined for great things

THIRTEEN: Productive Knowledge. Knowledge becomes powerful with its wise application. We’ll explore how to fund your dreams, creating the assets that produce income.
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