ZING: 22 Ways to Jazz Up and Put More Pizzazz into Your Copy-Writing
Zing (1)
This jam-packed book is one of business building. The Sub-Title says it all—22 Wonderful, Wacky and Crazy Ways to Jazz Up and Put MORE Pizzazz into your Copy Writing.

It's all here, set forth in a powerful medium, with hundreds of hints, tips, cautions and concerns. Wade believes, "You can do it, You can do it now—in your current business, and you can do it right where you are." You'll soon call this book/manual your Treasure Chest of Brilliant Ideas."

These Advertising/Growth ideas come from the real world—a Hallmark of Wade Cook's Educational Style. He wants you to be up-close and personal with the words that act as your Ambassador, getting the knowledge into your brain so it's easy to put to work.
WAY #1: Get Off Your Side of the Fence
WAY #2: Problems and Solutions
WAY #3: Benefits versus Features
WAY #4: Excitement and Passion
WAY #5: Quality Questions
WAY #6: Have a Process
WAY #7: Get People Excited With Knowledge
WAY #8: Learning From the Newsletter Style
WAY #9: Start Where You Are
WAY #10: Building Credibility
WAY #11: Positioning
WAY #12: Are You Writing to the Right Person?
WAY #13: How Many Places?
WAY #14: Put Value
WAY #15: Heavy Duty Stuff
WAY #16: Put Life into Your Copy
WAY #17: Through the Learning Curve
WAY #18: Teach Me the Rules
WAY #19: Humor
WAY #20: Write One Thing, Pitch Another
WAY #21: Keep Writing
WAY #22: Be A Finisher

The book is loaded with cutting edge-strategies to get you up and going and to help you keep going.

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