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Dear Friend,

This letter represents a complete reversal of the norm. Usually a publisher writes about its books and authors, but here I am an author writing about the publisher. Some of this I hope will pleasantly surprise you. In fact, if you have received this letter, everything you’ll soon read was designed to benefit you in potentially profound ways.

My name is Wade Cook. I love the educational field. I have written 32 regular books and now most have been converted to E-Book and E-Manual format—and there are many more to come. Four were on the New York Times Business Best Seller’s list—one (Wall Street Money Machine) was on the list for 18 months. I was CEO of a publicly traded company, doing $500,000,000 in sales in 9 years. We had 650 employees in several divisions with a large payroll. I loved being involved, but I don’t want to do that again.

My new theme in life is “stay small and keep it all.” Now, what does all of this mean to you? Why am I writing this because the paradigm has shifted again? Publishing, authoring, distributing, and sales in this wonderful field is taking an interesting turn, and you just may want to be a part of it. How? Well, read on and it will become apparent.

Let me first introduce WIN. WIN’s flagship product is TDT, or Thousand Dollar Thursday. I have been invited to conduct research, find deals—especially in the Writing Covered Call arena—and then contribute to the writing of these TDTs. I also write for TRAIL, and help keep current the comments section for their members. They are also an E-book Publisher with a really cool marketing style. That’s where you come in. There are two facets to this: Production and Promotion.

Production: This is the specialty of the publisher and authors together. The publisher asked me and others who are real world investors, business owners, and practitioners, to write real world formulas, methods and strategies. I, for one, have poured my heart into these books—sharing secrets of success heretofore never revealed.

Promotion: It is said that 40¢ to 50¢ of every dollar we spend on products and services goes to marketing. From my experiences that number is correct, maybe a little higher. So, what if WIN attracted people, like you, who may need an extra source of income? No, it’s not MLM. There is a one level override of 10%.

Okay, here’s how the synergy works. They produce there stand-alone TDT service and publish really great books. In and around all of this they also compile an extensive group of ads, letters, emails, excerpts, articles, special reports and call all of this the eMCee Package—Marketing Collection. You take the material and send, post, link, blog, advertise, search words, etc., and market the TDT service and/or their books.

An example may be in order. I’ll use one of my books (and plug it at the same time). The book is “The Bucks Start Here.” It’s a marketing and business building book. Its subtitle is “How we took $3,000 and built a company with $500,000,000 in sales in nine years.” No matter the business you’re in or want to go into, this book has dozens, even hundreds of great ideas. Every business—new or old—needs this book.

So, this is an E-Book you can own in minutes. It’s $34.95.

How many do you think WIN can sell? A thousand? Ten Thousand? They don’t know, but WIN wants you to come and help. And they’re willing to pay you handsomely to do so. They’ve done the heavy lifting. You spread the word. And here’s the great part: You have no normal costs of business. You just share information and link people. And WIN is going to pay you 40% of the sales.

Who knows what you can do? It only costs $Zero to become an affiliate.
WIN has awesome written training materials. So, what if? What if you sell 100 books a month? That would be about $1,400. Don’t judge your future by your past. You are here on the ground floor of a ground-breaking publishing and promotional launch of a very cutting-edge company. And what if it doesn’t work for you? You’re only out $Zero bucks and some time. This is the ultimate, unlimited upside potential company with limited downside risk.

As an author, I just want to help people. I invite you to be a part of this movement and grow into the business. Our economy is weird right now, but you can create your own stimulus package and effectuate your own economic recovery.

Honestly, is not the first e-book supplier, but you can’t get my new e-books anywhere else in any form. Having a high compensation program is not unique, but this one is plus it is simple and powerful. It’s not about recruiting and organization building, but about selling a lot of books. And no one has their dynamic eMCee Support Package. I think they have a winning combination.

I am excited to be a part. WIN would love for you to be on their team.

“I’m not looking for great players, but players that make the team great.”
—John Wooden, former UCLA Head Basketball Coach

Abundantly yours,

Wade Cook, Author

P.S. If you want to become affiliated with WIN and/or you want more information?

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