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Thousand Dollar Thursday—A unique and powerful way to get the deals to you. Every Thursday you will receive a posting where you’ll have at least one, but usually several trades where you can potentially make $1,000. With over 220 consecutive weeks of TDT's, and millions of dollars in deals, Thursday will quickly become your favorite day of the week!
This service has incalculable value. Trading Research And Information Library is where our experienced team, we call them Team Wall Street, shares insights , real trades and answers to member's questions. Our investment and trade observations are workable and timely. With 450+ postings (and growing) think of it as a giant Resource Center. ($1,795—but FREE with TDT)
Paid To Trade, our comprehensive mega home study course, contains 200 plus pages dedicated to sharing information and trading wisdom from the real world, with a primary focus on Writing Covered Calls. ($995—Included with TDT)
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 Tuesday Night Training (x2), Learn and grow into the knowledge and wisdom it takes to build up an asset base, producing substantial monthly income. Cash flowing the stock market techniques, and protective methods. Tuition: The cost for each event is $129
Wednesdays With Wade—These events are Wade’s War on Poverty. He has 40 years in the business world, running small companies and a large, public company as well. The focus Is on income building   
Tuition: The cost for each event is $279.
Expiration Friday Investment Training—Option Expiration provides a clear opportunity to enhance our positions. We’re going to add to your tool chest, and increase your abilities to employ these tools. 
Tuition: We’re inviting anyone to attend for $249.
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