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Some people look at numbers and see just numbers. Others look at numbers, like those in our covered calls examples and see their retirement. What you see Writing Covered Calls is a conjunction of two stock market components: The stock and the option. I think the man or woman who invented the faucet is a genius. That of combining hot and cold water, without having to rush your hands quickly back and forth. Warm water—genius.

Turning the stock market into a business is another level of genius. Again, I didn't invent Writing Covered Calls. I just love them and my passion drove me to define and refine the process. This strategy is a workhorse strategy. And, what are the alternatives? I challenge you to find one other strategy in the stock market, in business, in real estate, in collectibles, or any other form of business or investment, that would allow the average American to stay home and make this kind of money.

What we show constantly—and it will heat up a bit very soon—is $10,000 producing about $1,500 to $2,500 per month.

And again next month. Gold? It's good as a hedge, but where is the cash flow? Antiques and jewels? Great if you love them, but where is the income? Real Estate and Business? Wonderful, if you have a mind for such, but what about renters, debt service, and overhead? The same with most every other forms of investments.

No one would ever think of changing a flat tire with their fingers. We need leverage. We need a tool to make all of our endeavors, not only possible, but easier. That is what TDT is all about. Imagine, if you will, every Thursday, receiving trades to make this all work. You'll get working commentary based on years of experience and thousands of trades. You'll receive cautions and pitfalls to avoid, and all of this presented in a smart way to get you on the road to cash flow wealth. The monthly tuition is peanuts compared to what you will be able to do with this new knowledge. Think fish jumping into your boat.

Look around you. In the boxing ring of life who is in your corner? We love this business of educating people how to treat the stock market like a business. WIN puts a level of working knowledge before you, based on experience, common sense and a passion for helping others get retired.
"Victory is not won in miles but in inches. Win a little now.
Hold your ground, and win a little more later."
~Louis L'Amour.
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