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Chicken Soup for the Soul author Mark Victor Hansen wrote of Wade Cook: "Read this book from one of the masters of our time . . . and you will get every good thing you want."

Teaching is as much an art as it is a science. Wade’s style is to get people excited with knowledge. People want value and they want results. At this Wade excels. He teaches people, “Productive Knowledge.” Emotions move people so everyone gets the results they want.

Because most of the people who use Wade Cook’s Investing Strategies are beginners, Wade starts at the beginning and helps people through the learning curve with his winning, “Tell, Show, Do” format.

“It is a wise person who secures an independent
source of income.”

Wade Cook is from Tacoma, WA. He started his financial journey as a cabdriver, discovering his get rich in bite-size-pieces methods. He calls it the meter drop—getting cash-flow wealthy in small, repeatable deals.

Wade Cook, and the cover of his new book.
wade and zap
Books By Wade B. Cook:
Stock Market:
  • Wall Street Money Machine
  • Safety First Investing
  • Cash Flow the Stock Market
  • Stock Market Money Machine
  • Invest Smart
  • 101 Ways to Make Money In the Stock Market
  • Turbo Money
  • Stock Splits
  • Business Buy the Bible
  • The Bucks Start Here: $3,000 to $500,000,000 in Sales
  • ZING: 22 Ways to Jazz Up and Put More Pizzazz Into Your Marketing Copy
  • ZAP: Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Happiness
  • Blog Power
  • Marketing Excellence
  • Power Thinking (Formerly Treasure Thinking)
  • Real Estate Money Machine (His first Book)
  • How to Pick Up Foreclosures
  • 101 Ways to Buy Real Estate Without Cash
Courses and Services:
  • Paid to Trade
  • Wall Street Workshop
  • Thousand Dollar Thursday
  • Numerous Others
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