What can Wealth Information Network (WIN) offer you?
Do you need more income? Are you tired of all the “get rich quick schemes” out there?
We are here to help people get out of debt, create extra monthly income, and prepare for a better retirement, at 32, 52, or 82.
Wade Cook's process called “getting assets to produce income” is easy-to-understand with easier-to-follow strategies. Come with us and you’ll be on the road to increased wealth and enhanced cash flow.
What is Wealth Information Network?
WIN is fully devoted to helping people make more money and retire better. We are a pure educational site, and get nothing out of the profits you’ll soon be making. You learn, you earn.
We’re in the retirement business. We want to help you get retired. We contend you need extra income, coming in from an independent source.
Welcome to Wealth Information Network! I am thrilled that you have taken an interest in what we have to offer! Let me start by explaining why we’re here. Our plan from the get-go has been to keep things simple; offer people a way to grow out of their problems utilizing the assets they already have. Whether you have $1,000 to invest or $100,000, we want to help you increase your quality of life.
Rachel HamblinPresident — Wealth Information Network
I set out to produce an educational process that was exactly what I needed. You will soon see for yourself how creative, unique and effective this style of education is and how you can put it to work for you. You’ll soon learn why our enthusiasm is so high. We get to work with you and help you prepare for a better retirement.
Wade CookWriter for Team Wall Street/ CopyWorkZ

Thousand Dollar Thursday
TDT—or, Thousand Dollar Thursday. A unique and powerful way to get the deals to you. Every Thursday you will receive a posting where you’ll have at least one, but usually several trades where you can potentially make $1,000. With over 220 consecutive weeks of TDT's, and millions of dollars in deals, Thursday will quickly become your favorite day of the week!

Video Information Medley
VIM - Access to our live webinars - TNT, WWW, and E-FIT. We discuss cutting edge strategies, cash flowing the stock market techniques, and protective methods in our most effective “Tell, Show, Do” format—which is experiential learning at its best. Don't forget instant access to replays of past events!

Mega Home Study Course
PAID TO TRADE, our comprehensive course, contains a 200 plus page lesson manual that shares information and trading wisdom from the real world, with a primary focus on Writing Covered Calls.

TRAIL—Trading Research And Information Library. This service has incalculable value. Our experienced team, we call them Team Wall Street, shares insights , thoughts, and answers to member's questions. Our investment and trade observations are workable and timely. With 450+ postings (and growing) think of it as a giant FAQ.

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Don't miss out on this special opportunity to receive wonderful benefits and our quality services.
Our services and products are designed to help you right now, right where you are. As a member, you will receive extraordinary attention, reduced pricing and a thoughtful guarantee that locks in your membership pricing and combo packages.

"Followed everything you wrote back in my investment days and made millions. Thanks."— Richard K.*
Below you will find in depth information on WIN's Products.
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the path to financial freedom!
TDT slogan

TDT Thousand Dollar Thursday

This awesome service puts you in the driver’s seat! This is important if you need to get into a different financial lane, and merge onto a freeway of wealth.

This service is a weekly online update wherein you will receive at least one (usually there are 5 to 8) actual trades in the market where we show you how it is possible to make $1,000 or more—not some maybe, or only if this or that happens—but real deals, using Writing Covered Calls, the most essential strategy to turn the stock market into your own cash flow machine.

The subscription is just $197 a month and this provides seriously powerful updates, real deals and trading “making money” commentary. Tens of thousands of prior trades bring you a wealth of information, from years of experience and results, all delivered in a timely manner.


Right now, there is a $100 per month tuition discount to help you get up to speed and keep you going. Seriously, you are just a few clicks away from generating excess monthly income. We promise you, there is nothing like this service—especially at $97 a month!
"I currently make $8,000 to $15,000 per month. Thanks for changing my life." —Kathy L., CA* 
TRAIL slogan


This service is powerful, with daily updates, commentary and wisdom, and is dedicated to getting you retired fast. TRAIL stands for Trading Research and Information Library. The central topics are: STOCK SPLITS, ROLLING STOCK, WRITING COVERED CALLS, FORKLIFT TRADES (Options), NEWS AND VIEWS YOU CAN USE, and BARGAIN HUNTING. The full retail is $3,495, and you’ll agree within a few visits to the site, that TRAIL is worth every penny of that, and thousands more. However, for a very limited time, this service is absolutely FREE with your WIN Combo Membership.

Home Study Course

To aid you in your income quest, we have a 200+ page manual, in e-manual format, for $1,495. This collection of ten lessons is based on Wade Cook’s WALL STREET WORKSHOP, which 80,000 people attended at $4,295. This mega-course is on sale for $495, but right now you can get the whole comprehensive “self-paced” educational course for FREE when you sign up as a WIN Combo Member. This alone is worth tens of thousands of dollars in profits.
VIM is a member favorite! 80,000+ people paid thousands of dollars to attend Wade Cook seminars, now we bring the seminar to you, from the comfort of your own home!

Join Wade and Team Wall Street for Tuesday Night Training (TNT), Wednesdays With Wade (WWW), and Expiration Friday Investment Training (E-FIT). PLUS, enjoy our archive of past events.
Papa Wade and Camden
We finally caught up with Camden, Wade Cook’s 2-year-old grandson, to get his comments on the upcoming webinars. 

Q: If you want stock market trading strategies based on thousands of trades, who should you listen to? 

A: Papa Wade   

Q: Who knows the inside secrets of Cash-Flowing the stock market? 

A: Papa Wade   

Q: Who uses tried-and-proven, experiential learning formats to quickly get people up and making money? 

A: Papa Wade 

Thanks Camden!

TNT: Tuesday Night Training: 
  • Writing Covered Calls, with all of the ins-and-outs of using assets to produce “Job-Free Income.” 
  • Stock Splits: the six times to get in and out of Stock Split Trades. Real Deals with companies going through the stock split process. 
  • Rolling Stock, a simple non-option technique which is a powerful way to enhance your wealth accumulation. 
  • Rolling Options—particularly rolling the Dow, or the whole market. This TNT will explore 2 to 3 a rolling stock trades—a few times a month. 
  • Spreads, IPOs, Bottom Fishing and Penny Stocks. As the trades come up our Webinar Members will be treated to a variety of Cash Flow methods. 
"I am a financial planner who works primarily in mutual funds and life insurance. Any financial professional who criticizes Wade's strategies is simply speaking out of ignorance." —Christopher M., OH*
Hosted by Team Wall Street. We bring into your living room, cutting edge strategies, cash flowing the stock market techniques and protective methods, in our most effective “Tell, Show, Do” format—which is experiential leaning its best. Yes, we get you as close to the real experience as possible. 

TNT is a powerful way to learn and grow into the knowledge and wisdom it takes to build up an asset base, producing substantial monthly income. 

Tuition: The cost for each event is $129.

WIN wants our students learning and earning. There will be time for asking questions, filling in the outline for your records and wrestling with difficult choices. 
"I am a financial planner who works primarily in mutual funds and life insurance. Any financial professional who criticizes Wade's strategies is simply speaking out of ignorance." —Christopher M., OH 
WWW—Wednesdays With Wade
  • Over 2,500,000 million people bought books, attended seminars and workshops. 
  • He went almost 10 years with SEC filings, never once having to do an amended return. 
  • He had 650 employees at one time, with payroll every two weeks of $920,000. 
  • He had four books simultaneously on the New York Times Bestseller list. 
  • He was on over 1,600 radio and TV talk shows. 
  • Wade is the author of 33 books on real estate, the stock market, personal development and business. 
  • All this redounds to your benefit. 
  • WWW is a collection of hand-chosen topics, pertinent to the day, and delivered in Wade’s exciting and informative style. 
These events are Wade’s War on Poverty. Wade has 40 years in the business world, running small companies and large as well. He was President and CEO of a publicly traded company—learning SEC filings, Accounting (GAAP) Procedures, but the focus was on marketing and growth.   

Tuition: The cost for each event is $279, but part of our incomparable Webinar System, and FREE to WIN Combo Members.  

“I hope to share cutting-edge and powerful strategies from and for the world of business and investing. This knowledge is based on years of exciting experience, and promises to be pertinent and pithy", Wade Cook

"I am a financial planner who works primarily in mutual funds and life insurance. Any financial professional who criticizes Wade's strategies is simply speaking out of ignorance." —Christopher M., OH 
"I am now a retired chiropractor at age 37 . . . Averaging about $30,000 a month." —Alan P., AZ*   
E-FIT Expiration Friday Investment Training
Consider the following: 
  • Time Value can stay in the options for a long time, but then, on expiration, wild things happen. 
  • Many traders do not understand the buy-back—getting control and selling for more cash. 
  • Selling the weekend is so important—and many investors need to understand the benefit of selling uncovered calls. 
  • We do a buy-back to better our position—and there are four ways to do so. 
  • This time of the month is very perplexing for some—especially when the trade is in the money—and we’ll deal with this with real trades. 
  • The four things to do when you have important decisions to make. At E-FIT you’ll have a chance to wrestle with these questions 
  • You will be able to ask questions—about your deals and/or the matter at hand. 
Timing is so important in the stock market. When it comes to options, and the fact that options expire, timing is crucial. 

Expiration Dates provide a clear opportunity to enhance our positions. Many people—even Covered Call Writers—miss out and do not take full advantage of these Micro-Waves of making more money. One of my students called these Micro-Wades. These are ways to make small repeatable profits. 

We’re going to add to your tool chest, and increase your abilities to use these tools. 

Pricing: We’re inviting anyone to attend for $249, but as a WIN Combo Member, you get this event for free. 

Wade Cook will be the host and he looks forward to being with you. 
wade cook with grandkids
This is part of my grandkid group, and this group wants you to know the webinar collection is priced as a grouping of timely and well-conceived live events to get you up and going, and then to keep going until you make it big. 
  • TNT: $129 per event 
  • WWW: $279 per event
  • E-FIT: $249 per event 
Get all four for $129 a month.
Right now when you become a WIN Combo Member,
you will get VIM for FREE!

YOU—May we make some assumptions about you? The sheer fact that you are here reading this, tells us you do not want old, stale ideas. Ordinary is not good enough for you; you want extraordinary wealth, excess income and better a living. We commend you for reading this.

YOU know experience is the best teacher but you also realize that you can learn from—even borrow from—the experience of others.

YOU are right here, right now for a reason. Whatever path we’ve both gone down, we are brought together right now. You want real beneficial help and hopefully you will see us as fellow-travelers on this financial pathway.

Do you want to make Extra Income?

Receive Wade Cook's Lessons: Pathway to Profits


1. You get specific and useful trades to make cash dollars in the stock market—on a weekly basis. And there are multiple rea-trade updates.

2. You surround yourself with experienced investors and traders and can tap into their wisdom, experience and innate ability to teach.

3. You learn how to simu-trade (Practice Trade) to gain skills and build your confidence.

4. You receive trades on real stocks and selling options for cash—telegraphed before, during and while exiting the trades

5. You learn how to prepare with live trades to keep you in-the-know and on-the-go. Timing is very important.

6. You learn how to find and choose great investments upon which to sell options for income: Assets Producing Income.

7. You have access 24 hours a day—learn and grow in your own time frame and at your own pace.

8. You have access to the TRAIL postings and explanations. TRAIL is all about STOCK SPLITS, ROLLING STOCKS and OPTIONS—Forklift trades. This is knowledge you can use every day.

9. The live webinars are very helpful, so no matter your level of experience you can ask questions, gain insights and make better decisions.

10. Our site is the site of happiness, building wealth and generating income. We are your support staff.

I pondered long and hard about what I could bring to the table that no one else can bring. I want to be part of helping you, right now, right where you are, and with the help that I needed when I first started. I would have paid thousands for meaningful help. Oh, I paid all right.

I paid tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars, learning, exploring, figuring things out and working out the bugs, including learning the pitfalls and hazzards to avoid.

Many financial advisors don’t believe in American ingenuity and creativity. They say, “Hey Americans, you’re too stupid to figure out the Stock Market. Give your money to us, let us manage it for you.” Then along comes Wade Cook and says, “Hold it. You are smart enough. I’ll go and figure out what the billion dollar traders are doing, study it and work it, and then I’ll share my findings with you.

My style of education for you can’t be theory, or based on hype and motivation. No, you need real deals. Therein lies our secret for you.

There is no one I know who has conducted 29,000 plus trades; has 30 years of experience doing the deals and teaching. I love this process. I love seeing people improve their lives, get out of debt, and live better.

I've been a member of WIN (Paid to Trade/WIN combo) for about 3 weeks now. I have had some great results. I made about $500 on NFLX last week, $1,400 on a covered call on ONTY (2000 shares). I first heard of you in 1999. Wow, I had a lot of fun with that. I decided to get back into the market and googled your name hoping I could get a replacement of Zero to Zillions at discount, but I stumbled onto something better - WIN/TDT.
— Dexter L.*
*DISCLAIMER: Wade Cook and the Wealth Information Network, Inc. (WIN) are not stock brokers, and are not licensed to sell investments. You should seek the help of licensed professionals when conducting trades and investments. WC and WIN show people how to paper-trade (practice trade) using real numbers from the stock market to teach how to use the stock market as a business. Your Results Will Vary.
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