This is a short story of three people. People like you and me and well, like that guy over there. There will be no huffing and puffing or three sight-challenged rodents running around. No, our three are a piece of the Americana puzzle, regular people with a need to grow, to help others. Like you, they have a desire for success.
One of these three is a talented and successful business person, investor or creative entrepreneur. The second one is actually a company—in this case an e-book publisher-with a desire to sell more books. The third person is you or your company who needs more income, but wants to do so in a valuable, worthwhile and pleasant way.

Do you remember the quotation: “The business of America is business?” Well we said this was a piece of Americana, and we’ll unfold this intriguing plot so you’ll see yourself as your own American hero. You are the protagonist of this story—in fact; nothing happens until you say, “GO.” The other two characters did the “READY, SET,” But you are the integral piece that makes this plot work—and indeed this story will be real page-turner. (Pardon the publisher’s attempt at humor.)

Our story begins on a bright sunny day—we’ll leave “midnight dreams” for other tales. Our authors are business/investors (and other people who love kids, and families, and people in general). They truly care about helping people—and helping them with real, street-tested methods that build people—right where they are. Oh, there are good reporter-type authors out and about, but not in this story. Have you read their articles? They report, yes, but you can just tell they’ve never really been in the game. They’ve never done the real deals.

Maybe you know some people who really care. Maybe you’re one yourself. Real. Genuine. Some people are just born to teach. The problem is that so many people do not want to learn. Read this quote by W.C. Sellar: “For every person wishing to teach there are thirty not wanting to be taught.” Now ask yourself, “Am I one of the thirty?”

We don’t think so. But why is it so few people want to learn? We suggest one reason is the quality of information. Much of it is lacking something—seriously. Now, what is it? We repeat, so much is not real or genuine. So much information is just not worthwhile to learn—it doesn’t further the enterprise. Should we mention the blind rodents?

So, along comes a publisher, made up of real world people from various walks of life. They live by this statement by Malcolm Forbes, “No success is ever accomplished by a reasonable man (or woman).” No success? So, being a conformist is out. Copycat? Not here. This company is very unique—one you should consider aligning yourself with.

Why? Well let’s back up. Our authors want to help people and companies succeed—to help them WIN. It’s a deep embedded passion of theirs. They may receive a small book royalty, but they get nothing out of what people make or the wealth readers create. They are pure educators.

Now that word educate is a very interesting word. The Latin root word is Educere, meaning to bring forth, as compared to instruct—Instruere—meaning to pile on. And not just bring forth from the mind, but also from a place, say a real state like poverty, or a mental place like despair or apathy. They WIN by helping others WIN. We might have to add a fourth WIN to this story. The customer is the ultimate WINNER.

Now to you, our central character. You see, we have a cadre of talented authors. We have a company dedicated to providing rich material. What this plot needs now is someone to get the word out. Aahh, marketing the missing link. Marketing you ask? I’m not a marketer. I’m just me. Good, that’s what the plot of this story needs.

The solution is you as an affiliate who wants to learn new methods and expand their horizons. People who like other people. People who care.

Now the plot thickens. When we put you into the mix a new dynamic occurs. You bring your skills, your knowledge, your own drive and passion and your baggage. But the really cool part of this is you take over as the author of this story. The plot is now yours.

Here’s what Wealth Information Network (WIN) and their authors would love you to do. They will supply you as an affiliate a linkage, a track to run on. They will produce an informative eMCee package for you to use. eMCee stands for Marketing Collection. It consists of specific book ads, emails, letters, excerpts, information (knowledge) to put on other’s websites, list of targeted customers and a list of potential search words. You take this and spread the word. You use these tools to inform thousands and get your link out there. And every time someone buys a book you get paid—and as a percentage, you get paid well. You potentially make money while you sleep.

Let’s give an example—actually two. As we were writing this short story we had two books leading out. One is a book about marketing and business building. It’s called THE BUCKS START HERE. The authors are in the trenches. They took $3,000 and did $500,000,000 in sales in nine years. Every chapter, even every paragraph is enlightening, educational and exciting. This book is easily worth $10,000, but now just $34.95. Every business and would-be business needs this book. Oh, and RIGHT NOW, this book is on sale.

And speaking of would-be businesses, our second book is ZAP: Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Happiness. This How-To book will set new standards for helping people succeed at business. And, it’s just what many people need in this weak economy. It helps people create more income—their own stimulus package. ZAP is just $24.95.

Okay, now you take over as the author of this story. First, you decide how much you want to make. The publisher sets not limits on you. They want to sell more books, and as twist in the plot, they make no money until you make money. In fact, the more successful you are, the better for them. You make the world go round.


Did you think of this now that you are the author of your own future? Let’s join forces. We want to sell more books, so do our authors. We’re not into “organization building.” It’s not our style. We don’t want limits, do you? We don’t want pep rallies, Super Saturday’s or conventions. We don’t want unnecessary expenses (ones that can’t be monitored and built on). We want you to write in your own plot-line—spend more time with the kids; take a weekend off with your husband or wife; give more to your church. Tell us how you would do this with demands of a typical “ball and chain” job or business.

You can’t.

Another great question: What else could you be doing with your time and money? We might add, what even comes close to this potential income with so little at risk?

Continuing on this vein, we ask, “What are you doing now that keeps spinning off income if you don’t show up to work?” We’re not promising you great results. Is that what you want? Great promises? Or do you want great support? What we’re promising is a clean, fun, worthwhile opportunity for you to excel. Of course your results will vary, but isn’t that part of the fun—to beat the odds?

“If you want to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself, may be the answer.” You’ve come to the right place.

Our plot line herein, indeed this whole story is about generating income. Isn’t more income what you need to support your family? Is money needed to pay off debt, got to college, buy a house, or retire comfortably? But income is elusive as you probably know. Let’s write this story together to solve these problems.

Here’s an interesting sub-plot, based on the “sell more books” of the last paragraph. You realize and use the income from your direct efforts. You love the books in our categories: Faith, Family, Fun and Finances. You’re home. You’re free to do, to be. But you see this one line of associate/affiliates wherein you get an override commission. (Oh, we haven’t even mentioned the backend sales commissions) You think. I need more affiliates attached to me. Okay, what do you do? Answer: Sell more books. Get your postings out there. Start the “Magnificent Seven” approaches that has established as your framework for growth. Let the books do the recruiting.

That’s it. Sell more books. We, on the other hand, publish more quality books that people can’t get anywhere else. These are books you’ll love and use yourself.

So, the twists and turns in the plot are now the ink in your own pen. There may be fits and starts, but we hope very few. As you grow and excel in this process, we all win: the company, the authors, the affiliates, and yes most importantly, the customer.

IF NOT YOU, WHO? From a marketing style (as outlined in The Bucks Start Here) we learn to show or convince people of three things: (1) You can do it (The Stock Market, etc.); (2) you can do it Here (wherever you are, including your back bedroom) and (3) you can do it Now (in this crazy economy, etc). The message, you’re the one. You’re the quarterback and coach. Nothing happens until you get in the game.

If they don’t see themselves in the game; if they’re confused; if they don’t “get it,” NOTHING HAPPENS. We think that’s sad. Let’s explore in a reverse format the above three characteristics:
YOU: Can you? Why have you not made it yet? Can you be honest with yourself? Next? Are you ready for change? So you don’t know how to do internet marketing. Then, learn. Thousands maybe millions do. Discover and grow. Start where you are, use your knowledge, skills, experience to launch.

HERE? What do you need? Access to the internet and a desire to succeed. Here? Do you need to rent space, hire people, incur on going overhead? Nope! Here—your den, kitchen table, your vacant back bedroom.

NOW? If not now, when? Think hard about your commitment here. What is your risk ($50 to become an affiliate—currently our Charter Start-up fee of only $20)? So, this works or it doesn’t work. If it works you’re off and running. If not you’re out $20.00 and a bit of your time.
We’re really big into quality questions. Here’s one: What if? What if this is the answer to your income needs? What if you build a business of perpetual cash flow? And, then, what if it doesn’t work for you? The point—what is your upside potential? And your downside risk? How will your life improve if you make this work?

It’s time to grow out of your problems. Your family is too important; your finances too essential; your retirement too close to not have a plan or to leave your future up to chance. So, if not you, who? If not here, where? If not now, when? Only you can write your own success story.

We all live happily ever after. THE END. Or is it just the Beginning?

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