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  • TDT: Every Thursday, WIN supplies you a real cash flow trade, using Writing Covered Calls, a workhorse income strategy, which will make you $1,000 or more. This service is called TDT, or Thousand Dollar Thursday. This is not maybe, or if such-and-such happens, but actual, spendable profits. This is no joke. We take finding and delivering a real Covered Call Deal very seriously, and you will too. Especially if you’ve never considered the Stock Market as a perfect part- or full-time income-at-home business.
  • TRAIL: Added to TDT is complete access for you to visit TRAIL (Trading Research and Information Library—24/7) and see updates on Rolling Stocks, Stock Splits, Option Trades, and Solid Blue-Chip Investing. There is virtually nothing like this anywhere in the world. It’s about getting Assets to Produce Income, so you can quit your job.
  • PAID TO TRADE: This is our powerful Mega-Course based on a $4,295 Wall Street Workshop, attended by over 80,000 people. This comprehensive manual with ten complete sections will become your best friend. It is that powerful and easy to use.
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Thousand Dollar Thursday is a monthly subscription. After your initial purchase is complete, you will be forwarded to the subscription page where you will create your username and password. Your membership price is locked in, and can never go up.
AN INTRODUCTION: Hello, my name is Wade Cook. I’m a former cabdriver and the taxi taught me a very valuable financial lesson. It was this: the big money is in the meter drop. To me this meant making good money on a whole bunch of small runs. Sort of like: make millions in bite-size pieces. This is important because many people get rich this way, but too many others have given up on the American Dream. Many others get a case of big-deal-itis and never make much.

Now, I write books. I’ve had four New York Times Business Bestsellers. One, WALL STREET MONEY MACHINE, was on the list for 18 months. These books are primarily about Treating the Stock Market like a Business. This is not difficult if you get your brain to forget the old ways. “Much learning begins with unlearning.” —Socrates. It starts with looking at things differently.

I’ve done thousands of trades and have found one “workhorse” way to generate monthly income—real, spendable income. It is called Writing Covered Calls. Writing Covered Calls is simply this: You take an asset, in this case a stock, and then sell for cash, an option against your stock, giving someone else the right to buy your stock. Writing means to sell.
Let me show you a REAL deal, one from one of WIN’s TDTs. The stock was JC Penney’s (JCP). It was going for $8.05 per share. Please allow me to round off to $8 so the math is easier. I think many people balk at making money because it requires using numbers. Not you, I hope. You buy the stock, say 1,000 shares. That would cost $8,000. If you want, you only have to put up half of that amount. Your broker will lend you the other half, using the stock as collateral. This is called margin. You would have to put up only $4,000. Now let’s see what kind of money $4,000 can make. You’ll soon have to do some unlearning. These numbers will astound you. You’ll wonder where this strategy has been all of your life.

Now you look at the $8 call options out a month or so. They’re going for 60¢ x 65¢. That’s the bid and ask. If you do a market order, you’ll sell at the bid and buy at the ask. You have 1,000 shares so you can sell 1,000 times 60¢ and take in $600, right now. The market paid you $600 right now for the right to buy your stock at $8.

This is no joke. That’s money in your account. It is $600 you can take out to pay bills. You can leave it alone, and even buy more stock with it. It’s your money.
WSMM cvr
You have to hold on to the stock until the expiration date or until the trade is ended. Usually that’s four weeks or so. That’s what the “covered” means—if you sell the stock (meaning it goes or stays above $8) you are covered—you have the stock to deliver. It’s a virtual cash flow machine. There are many protective strategies if the stock dips, and ways to make even more money—a lot more money. We call it double-dipping. And, are you short of money? $800 buys 200 shares and makes $120 in selling the option this month. How about doing that every month?

What if you can do this type of trade every month? If you had a few batches of $800 to $4,000 you could make enough to quit your job and stay home. In fact, you can do this from home. I believe this makes the best part-time business in the country. That’s it. Simple, but Powerful. Oh, and you can do this in an IRA.
Wade with 5 of his 9 grandchildren.


AN INVITATION: This cab-driver has been asked by WIN, Wealth Information Network, Inc., to join in writing a weekly TDT. TDT stands for Thousand
Dollar Thursday. Here’s how it works. You pay a small monthly tuition, and they give you a weekly trade, just like the one above. They help you make $1,000. Many weeks they give a few trades. You get this service and you get the deals, the education, the support, and you can quit anytime you want. It works for you or it doesn’t. This is powerful, because trading knowledge is truly the gift that keeps on giving. And we're here to support you until you make it.

But get this: You get everything mentioned above, and if you’re not a Happy Camper you have no obligation to continue. WIN is in the retirement business: That is, your retirement. Join the ranks of those using the stock market as a home-based business.

Thousand Dollar Thursday
TDT—or, Thousand Dollar Thursday. A unique and powerful way to get the deals to you. Every Thursday you will receive a posting where you’ll have at least one, but usually several trades where you can potentially make $1,000.

Home Study Course
PAID TO TRADE, our comprehensive course, contains a 200 plus page lesson manual that shares information and trading wisdom from the real world, with a primary focus on Writing Covered Calls.

TRAIL—Trading Research And Information Library. This service has incalculable value. Our experienced team, we call them Team Wall Street, bring you trades continually. Our investment and trade observations are workable and timely.
TDT 97 narrow
Thousand Dollar Thursday is a monthly subscription. After your initial purchase is complete, you will be forwarded to the subscription page where you will create your username and password. Your membership price is locked in, and can never go up.
CAUTION: All Investments carry certain levels of risk. Trading and investing in the stock market should be accomplished with the help of a licensed, seasoned professional. Your results will vary.
"We get the fish JUMPING IN YOUR BOAT."
Remember the old adage: "Give a man a fish, feed him for a meal; teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime?" You will be taught the simplicity and the intricacies of cash-flowing the market. You will learn everyday through looking over our shoulders. You will learn by the written word and later the spoken word. You will see real deals—win, lose, or draw—and you will grow in understanding and abilities.

But there is something even more important here for you. You can do all of this searching and trying yourself, but why would you want to? We're in the trenches doing the deals—both paper-trades and trades for educational purposes. The secret sauce is in the "real deals."
We propose that you take a new look at having your own home-based business. Oh, not one that requires selling, or overhead, but a simple, powerful way to get your money to be more dynamic. This means for your money to have more personality. There are three reasons for investing and being in business. We call these the BENEFITS OF OWNERSHIP.
  • Cash Flow
  • Tax Savings
  • Growth

Which do you need more of right now?

We suggest that your need for cash flow, or more monthly income is first. We have found a solid way for you to do that, without you having to work a second job, or longer hours. What you need is to get your money (assets) working for you.

I want to share an idea with you about a different way of thinking about wealth—from enhancing your assets, generating excess income, all the way down to paying your bills. The concept is “Two-Stepping Your Wealth.” This means using money, cash, assets, or whatever, to solve your financial needs, but in a two-step process.

Here's a scenario:
Gloria has tremendous needs for money. She's behind on everything, and some of the creditors are getting forceful. But help is around the corner. She is getting a gift from Aunt Emily of $10,000. That's enough to make a big dent in her obligations, and definitely will keep the wolf away from the door for a while. However, it's not quite enough to pay off everything. She thinks and thinks. It's better to pay some now, even though she can't pay it all.

This scenario describes the thought process that most of us would employ. However, soon the money will all be gone, and that's it. It's gone. Gloria will feel relieved for a few weeks but with no solution for the future, that good feeling will be short-lived.
Let me share another way of thinking: using assets, and the cash they can produce to get out of this problem. It's what I call "cash-to-asset-to-cash." I like it because it lets you grow out of your problems. If Gloria were to put this into practice, she wouldn't be left with only receipts and still a lot of problems. Grow. Do More. Be More. In short, put your money to work for you.

Writing Covered Calls can do exactly that. It is a workhorse strategy in the stock market. It gets assets producing income. You can make cash dollars of about 8% to 12% per month on your portfolio holdings.

Gloria buys 2,000 shares on margin, spending $8,900. She keeps some cash on hand. Gloria chooses shares of JCP (JC Penney). The options are nice. She pays out the whole $8,900 as the stock is $8.90.

During the same phone call with her broker, she sells the November $9 call options, giving someone the right to buy her stock at $9, or $9,000. Those options were 90¢ to sell. She has 2,000 shares so she can sell 2,000 options (20 contracts), taking in $1,800. (These were real numbers, though a snapshot in time as of this writing.) She now takes out the $1,800—all of it or part of it—and pays the urgent bills. This transaction took about 3 or 4 minutes, and it all happened on the day she received the $10,000 and put it into her account. The option money—that great amount of $1,800—hit her account the next day. She can pick up a check or have it wired to her account, whatever.
It's her money to spend.

What about Gloria’s other bills? Well the $1,800 went a long way to paying the emergencies. In fact she has enough to take her husband and the kids out for a nice night out. My advice: Don't spend the principal, spend the profits. She has 20% of her bills paid and she has an asset, this time JCP still in her account, ready to go to work next month. This strategy can be done with several stocks, many of which are household names.

Now what happens? She waits until the third Friday of November. She either sells the stock at $9 (gets called out) or not, depending on the price of the stock on the expiration date. Either way she gets to keep the $1,800 and she has the stock in her account or the $10,000. She does it again. Next month, for Christmas, she takes in another $1,600 for selling the option. She pays off another $1,600 in bills and lives to fight another day. At this rate, all of her bills will be paid by April. AND SHE WILL STILL HAVE THE $10,000 (maybe more) IN HER ACCOUNT GENERATING MORE MONTHLY INCOME.
3 books
Invest smart
"For every person wishing to teach, there are 30 not wanting to be taught." (Stiller) I hope this does not define you. Oh, how I wish someone with experience and insights could have taken me through the learning curve. Right now you can go to (Hosted by WIN) and tap into Wade's experience and wisdom.
If you want to take the bull by the horn with TDT and TRAIL and put these amazing benefits to work for you, there are places within this content to signup and get going.

—Derek Bok
Let's all work together and grow out of our problems. We don't need a government stimulus program. We can create our own economic recovery. It is a wise person who learns through experience. It's a wiser person who learns through the experiences of others. Come join with us in this "Cash Flow Quest.”

WIN Introduces Wade Cook


—Tony McMath
“Life is constantly providing us with new funds,
new resources, even when we are reduced to immobility.
In life’s ledger there is no such thing as frozen assets.”

~ Henry Miller (writer)

Wade Cook has done it again. In fact he’s so far ahead of the pact it’s almost comical. They don’t call him Wade “Cash Flow” Cook for nothing. Oh, he’s offended the “powers that be”, but if you read and apply the cash flow wisdom in this new TDT format, you’ll be light years ahead—in fact, retirement at $6,000 a month is just 9 to 15 months away.

Consider the following solutions and strategies:
Diane Ravitch said, “The person who knows HOW will always have a job. The person who knows WHY will always be the boss.” Just wait until you see the ways you will learn in this comprehensive collection of reference materials.
  • Can the stock market be the solution to your cash flow needs? Not if you look at the stock market the old way.
  • You don’t need to be busier, but everyone needs more income—how about 30 minutes a week to replace your 40 hour a week grind.
  • Is 20% cash profits ($5,000 making $1,000 per month) possible?
  • Do you know how to get assets producing income? Enough income so you can quit your job?
  • Street-wise, time-honored knowledge has been hard to come by. Not anymore. Wade Cook has done over 29,000 trades—Wait till you see his systematic, simple three step process (writing covered calls).
  • It has been tough to get assets working as hard as you do—Now Wade Cook explores “The Secrets of the Third Way.”
  • Inside Track—as millions have learned and benefitted—you too can learn and employ these amazing cash flow secrets. See the batch of trades shown in full living color on the site for subscribers.
  • Do you know the difference between Investing and Trading? Do you know how to trade on your good investments? You will after you devour this hidden treasure chest of knowledge.
  • Forget the limited knowledge of your stockbroker. Ignore there biased and self-serving “recommendations.” Learn from Wade Cook, a pure educator, and the one person who gets nothing out of what you make.
  • Business Income—actual take home “pay the bills” money is recognized as the American Dream. Learn how in numerous real examples. “It’s all about monthly income.”
  • Recently a report said that 90% of the people filing bankruptcy would not have had to do so if they were making an extra $300 a month. This is our mission: To Help People Grow Out of Their Problems.
  • REAL, ACHIEVABLE, PROFITS—in less than 3 days. In fact, it doesn’t take long to get up-to-speed when you see real deals right before your eyes. You’re that close to getting started. You will soon have the knowledge to turn your life around (pay off debt, buy a new home, drive a better car, et cetera).
  • Other bonuses are yours FREE. Take advantage of WIN’s Cash Flow Team. Be a hero to your family and notch up your lifestyle.
"If you’ll do for two years what most people WON’T do,
you’ll be able to do for the rest of your life,
what most people CAN’T do.”
"With the seminars and paper trades I have become more technical and patient with my trades... I have also learned that covered calls are much safer and more dependable." —Perry S., MS

We asked ourselves what we would want from an educational site if we were to subscribe. Here's a brief list.

  • We would want the service to be based on real trades in the market today. Real, in that there is a beginning, middle and end. We want the numbers to be based on reasoning and timing. If fact, we want the information not only to be timely, but timeless.
  • We would love to see money being made. Tell us, show us and do the trade. Then we can follow, paper trade, mimic and learn from practitioners in the market.
  • We would want to tap into people's expertise, especially from people with years of experience and values. We don't want help from others who get something out of what we do.
  • We want to have access when we need it—24/7/365—with the ability to ask questions and seek help.
  • We want real, achievable results. We want to learn and earn. It can't be expensive to get in or to keep going.
"Just using the few strategies I've tried, I'm now trading full time and have averaged $10,000 per month in profits over the past six months." —Don B., CA
What would you pay for such a service? Remember price is one thing, cost another. If we can really show you how to make $9,000 a month, our target income, then it will cost you about $100,000 a year to not participate. This TDT service retails for $197 a month. Our TDT Charter Membership, including Paid to Trade and TRAIL retails for $297. We want to help make sure that the cost is peanuts compared to what you receive.

You can't get much for $197 nowadays, but you surely can with this service. In fact, we want this subscription to make you at least $2,000 a month. You've heard that "Knowledge is Power." At first Knowledge is just potential. It's becomes powerful with its wise use. The price for TDT should be easily paid out of your profits. Think how cool that really is.

Again, there is a limited time offer to get $200 off—every month. Plus the other wonderful "START SMART" bonuses.

1. There is a $200 per month OFF tuition discount. This is locked in. That makes the tuition just $97.

2. You will receive access to the whole site, dealing with Rolling Stocks, Stock Splits, and Straight Option Trades (This service is called TRAIL: Trading Research and Information Library). It’s awesome.

3. You will receive for FREE the Mega Home-Study Course
and Reference Manual. It’s called PAID TO TRADE, and it is really useful—using the real world to move students
quickly through the learning curve.


Take advantage
Thousand Dollar Thursday is a monthly subscription. After your initial purchase is complete, you will be forwarded to the subscription page where you will create your username and password. Your membership price is locked in, and can never go up.
Would you rather work for your money, or have your money working for you?
As we think of our members, we ask:
What is the missing link?
What is the one thing people need?
We believe the answer is “the deal.”
Yes, real deals, real profits.
We would like to introduce you to Writing Covered Calls. This is one powerful stock market strategy for people who need extra income, but they don’t need a second job. Wise people realize a need for an extra independent source of income. The problem is this: If we jump into the actual deal, it may be exciting for some, but others get left behind. And we don’t want anyone to get left behind. So, to make our introduction more exciting and more effective, we need to cover a few basics.

Did you know 23,000,000 Americans trade in stock options? Most lose money. Why is that? And why are stock options so popular? Up front we must tell you that this writing is not about buying options and then being at the mercy on the market. Soon, you’ll see how our method constitutes selling these risky options to all of those crazy people who like the risk. They take the risk, we take their money. See, right there, you were introduced to a new strategy with serious implications.
We are in the trenches helping people with real deals, making real money.
A Few Important Questions:
"I am averaging $30,000/month on spreads and
call options."
—Edward A., HI
  • Do you have assets making you monthly income so you can quit your job?
  • What is the quality of your income? Meaning, what level of skills and experiences do you need, and how much time must you work to make your money?
  • If money were not an issue, meaning you have an outside source of income, what would your life be like?
  • Who is the boss of your financial future?
  • What does your “cash flow” time look like? What experiences, knowledge and wisdom do they have in the real market that will help qualify you to be wealthy?
"Average $18,000 per month with mostly Covered Calls for the past 7 months."
—Gary B., TN
Let’s say you have a stock, purchased new for Writing Covered Calls or one you have owned, and it’s going for this same $4.60. You spent $4,600 to buy this stock. NOTE: You only have to put up half of the money ($2,300) to buy this stock on margin. Yes, you like the stock, but you need monthly income. The $5 calls look good, you can sell for cash the $5 calls. The bid in 60¢. With your 1,000 shares, you can sell ten contracts. That would be 1,000 times 65¢, or $650. Let’s pause.

The market is willing to give you $650 right now for the right to buy your stock at $5. Think about this. You bought this stock for $4.60. Now you sell this option. You take on the obligation to sell this stock at $5. It’s like rental stock. Selling the option, getting paid and taking in the cash, creates an obligation to sell the stock. You will sell this stock if it goes up to and above $5.

What about other movements? The stock stays the same. You make $650. It’s yours to keep. What if the stock goes down? You make the $600 and you still own the stock. When do you sell the stock, and what happens? If the stock goes above the $5 strike price, you keep the $650 AND you make an extra 40¢, or $400. That’s the stock price of $4.60 up to $5. Your net for one month, is $1,000.
Put Wade Cook, four times New York Times Best-selling author, to work for you.
Best Sellers Collage
This $1,000 brings up the point we are fond of making. We can teach options all day. We can expand this process to include Writing Covered Calls. But as we think of our students/members, we ask: What is the missing link? What is the one thing people need? We believe the answer is “the deal.”

Everything we’ve mentioned here is real. We only do real deals. This example used here was used in a real TDT. TDT stands for THOUSAND DOLLAR THURSDAY. As a member you will receive one (usually 4 or 5) deal every week. Not some “maybe,” but a real deal from the real world. These profits are real, and you are really just a short time to all of this extra income.

That is why our TDT is so well received. Someone is here to help you. Someone with experience you can tap into. And what level of passion do you want them to have? We are that someone who loves this process and also relishes teaching these methods to others with the deals included. We are the missing link.
Real Deals
We only use real, street-tested, time-honored methods. Wade has taught 13 different ways to invest and trade in the markets. However, there are a few ways to pound out profits on a monthly basis. These are ways to cash flow the market. All are working in this market.

The workhorse strategy is called "Writing Covered Calls." I'll give a cabdriver's example. Say you own a stock at $6.70. You have 1,000 shares. I come up to you and offer you $680 cash if you'll agree to let me buy your stock at $7, or $7,000 any time before the middle of next month. If I don't do so you get to keep the $680. If the stock goes above $7 the market will buy it, and you make another $300. You still get to keep the $680. If it stays the same or goes down (there are great protective strategies for a stock going down) you get to keep the stock and the $680.

What about next month? This process is like rental real estate without all the hassles. You sell the $7 option the next month for $650, the month after that for $620, and on and on. How would $600 to $6,000 extra a month suit you? Oh, and this whole things takes about 30 to 40 minutes a month. It's a bargain of all bargains. Indeed, you'll receive far more cash flow than it costs to participate.

Also on the site there are other sections—with other real deals—STOCK SPLITS, ROLLING STOCKS and STRAIGHT OPTIONS. We also share trades and information on Penny Stocks, ETFs, IPOs, and Bargain Hunting, as well as Blue Chip Investing.

With your subscription you’ll see the real deals—both timeless and timely. The heart and soul of this process is building income
Mark Victor Hansen co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul said this about Wade Cook’s book, “Read this book . . . by one of the masters of our time, and you will get every good thing you want.” Mark told Wade he made over $1,000,000 following Wade’s powerful formulas.
I've made $1,338,081.43 net profit in 11 1/2 months. I originally started with $36,000.
—Myke I., WA

Followed everything you wrote back in my investment days and made millions. Thanks.
— Richard K.

I've been a member of WIN (Paid to Trade/WIN combo) for about 3 weeks now. I have had some great results. I made about $500 on NFLX last week, $1,400 on a covered call on ONTY (2000 shares). I first heard of you in 1999. Wow, I had a lot of fun with that. I decided to get back into the market and googled your name hoping I could get a replacement of Zero to Zillions at discount, but it I stumbled onto something better - WIN/TDT.
— Dexter L.
I had $36,000 and turned it into $460,000 in less than 3 months. In another account, I took $100,000 and turned it into $400,000 in 4 weeks, and in another one, I made $30,000 in 1 week for a total (account balance) of $960,000. —John T., OK
NOTICE: Trading and investing in the stock market is risky. Testimonials within this marketing piece, please note that these trades or investments are particular to these people and do not reflect all of the trades in their accounts. Your results will vary.
We are about wealth creation, with proven, state-of-the-art strategies.
We take the complex and make it simple and workable.
We measure our success, not by what we put into people (productive knowledge),
but by what our knowledge brings out of them.
 We help people 'Grow Out of Their Problems.'
BONUS for a limited time
Get Upgraded to The TDT CHARTER Membership
For the same cost of the Regular Membership and receive
Paid To Trade and TRAIL absolutely FREE
Here's what your membership will include:
Thousand Dollar Thursday
1. TDT supplies the trade right when you need it. Access is 24/7.

2. These are real numbers/real deals—there is power in “REAL.”

3. You’ll receive the numbers worked, and sometimes reworked.

4. Explanations, Commentary, Pitfalls to Avoid are often given.

5. On key deals, the math is done for you.

6. The “Two to Three Years to Retirement” is part of the process.

7. R.U.N.—or Ramp Up Now is often an integral part of this process.

8. You can look at archives of trades to gain perspective and wisdom.

9. Good and bad trades (the bad are few and far between) are used for further explanations.

10. All trades and investments are kept in perspective using the “PICTURESQUE” model.
PtoT cover - Copy

Bonus #1: Home Study Course










Bonus #2: TRAIL
1. This is the most comprehensive, powerful and useful add-on to TDT.

2. Stock Splits, Writing Covered Calls, Rolling Stock and Rolling Options (like the Rolling Dow)

3. Other minor strategies can make major profits.
    a. IPOs—Initial Public Offerings (The 25 Day Quiet Period)
    b. Reverse Stock Splits
    c. Turnarounds
    d. Penny Stocks
    e. Dividends, and Capturing Income
    f. ETFs, and Blue Chips (Semester Investor)

4. Charts, prices, all based on real trades and investments.

5. Q & A, a responsive mailbag for member questions, concerns and comments.
This Package Retails for $297. But for a limited time it's yours for Only $97.
—Derek Bok
join now upgrade 97
Thousand Dollar Thursday is a monthly subscription. After your initial purchase is complete, you will be forwarded to the subscription page where you will create your username and password. Your membership price is locked in, and can never go up.
“Life is constantly providing us with new funds, new resources, even when we are reduced to immobility. In life’s ledger there is no such thing as frozen assets.”
~ Henry Miller (writer)
DISCLAIMER: Wade Cook and the Wealth Information Network, Inc. (WIN) are not stock brokers, and are not licensed to sell investments. You should seek the help of licensed professionals when conducting trades and investments. WC and WIN show people how to paper-trade (practice trade) using real numbers from the stock market to teach how to use the stock market as a business. Your Results Will Vary.