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You've no doubt seen those television commercials with the duck. Yes, that obnoxious duck. The one that goes around quacking, gets his nose stuck in mail slots, and gets into trouble all of the time. It's just wrong on so many feathered levels. I'm a goose. My name is Gaffy. Yes, I am that Goose. I'm the one who lays the Golden Eggs. It's my calling in life.

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You can now be a part of a cutting-edge, powerful system with our THOUSAND DOLLAR THURSDAY. Here's how it works. Every week we will present you with an actual trade (usually writing covered calls) where you will make about $1,000. Our target will be to start with $5,000, but usually $10,000 and give you a trade where you will make $1,000. You can up the amount of the trade or cut it down to even $500 to $1,000. Most everyone can start now. Well, actually, after next Thursday.

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If you were looking for extra income, cash flow on a monthly basis (or even more often) what would you look for? We’re confident that you’ll soon see the power and easy-to-implement process of using the stock market as a second source of income. And now let’s say you love the service and want to share it with others. What would you look for?

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We are Wealth Information Network, Inc. We are investors just like you, who wants to generate more income, an income coming in from an independent source. We call it getting assets to produce income. You’ll soon call it financial freedom.


PART ONE: “Assets producing income.” How does that sound? Better than you having to go to work for someone else to make money, we hope. Very few assets make money, but one stands out. It is Writing Covered Calls. It’s a way for you to completely retire in 2 to 3 years. $2,200 will produce about $300 to $500 a month. No kidding. We have a powerful service—one with “productive knowledge.” It’s called TDT, or Thousand Dollar Thursday.


Every Thursday you’ll receive an actual deal where you’ll make about $1,000. Not maybe. Not if such and such happens, but that day. It’s real and it’s money you can spend. The monthly tuition for this incredible service is just $22 per month. $22 never meant so much. What are your benefits of spending $22 and getting this service, usually with 4 or 5 deals—four times a month? TDT is unique, powerful, and very useful. It is education at its best because the actual deal is the missing link.


You get the trading blogs, preferential treatment, and don’t forget weekly TDTs with actual deals. We love education, and we’re good at it. No one is better, but the missing piece of the cash flow puzzle is the someone, who is in the trenches, backed up by tens of thousands of deals, 30 years of experience and a wisdom that is deep and pertinent to your retirement; whether you’re 32, 62 or 82.


And right now you can get our Paid to Trade Mega Study Course at a Special discounted rate. The Course sells for $495. Right now it is ON SALE for $295. HOWEVER, for a limited time only, you can get Paid to Trade for only $95


PART TWO: WIN has a second way for people to make money. It’s our very lucrative Affiliate program. It’s FREE to be an Affiliate and you will receive 40% (and another 10% override bonus) on anyone you attract to this service. We are confident that you will want to share this with others. It’s that good. This service is a life-changer.


We love the education field. Education in Latin is educere, meaning to draw out. And it’s not just about drawing out of the mind, but also drawing out of a place, like poverty. We invite you to join our efforts in educating America in pure, unfiltered cash flow knowledge.


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